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Beyond Bathroom’s MD approached me in early 2014 following a recommendation from another Client. Beyond Bathrooms was looking to take its business to the next level and use digital marketing to generate sales.

When we first met, we discussed the different options available and the different budgets and timescales required and decided to start where we thought we’d see the fastest without too much investment – let’s prove the concept first!

Given the nature of the business, I was confident that using SEO, we could secure page 1 rankings in Google for some of the high volume search terms. However, I was very clear that there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO as we have no control over what Google does, we can only influence it. Beyond Bathrooms were happy to test it and track the results and that’s actually what we did…


I started off working on quick wins by focusing on local SEO and getting the website to appear for search terms including the local area – and I was right, as we started seeing results within 6-8 weeks which meant we could look at a long relationship supporting SEO and we have been developing and implementing the strategy and supporting content ever since.


In the last 2 years we have seen organic traffic to the site increase over 160% as a result of our SEO strategy and this is growing month on month with January 2017 being our highest month yet. Not only is traffic growing but phone calls and enquiries have been too – we believe in measuring everything and with digital marketing that is possible!

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