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I started working with EC Villas at the backend of 2015 when they were moving away from their current marketing agency and looking for a cost effective full service digital marketing solution. 

At the time I started working for them, they have just had a new website developed that was waiting to launch so the first project was to make the final tweaks the site and get it launched in time for their busy booking period which begins in January. I delivered this within the agreed budget and timescales and was then asked to focus on developing a full digital strategy which included SEO, PPC and email marketing.

Throughout 2016, EC grew as a brand and they were seeing growth in all areas, however, I was not satisfied with the website as it stood and I raised that as a concern – I knew the brand very well by this point and I did not believe the website represented it very well; the user experience was not as slick as you would expect from a luxury brand and all this fresh quality content they’d added was so well hidden even Christopher Columbus would have struggle to find it, so i proposed a redesign.


In November 2016, we agreed that this was a project that needed to happen so we started with a research stage – presenting ideas and designs we liked from other websites. This was enough for me to go away and come with the initial design concepts which were focused on 3 areas;

  1. Converting leads
  2. Showcasing great content
  3. Improving the user experience 


The site took just over 3 months to develop phase 1 which included a custom built WordPress website which is super fast, user friendly and sales-focused. 

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