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Use these 6 Powerful Hacks to Scale Up Your YouTube Marketing

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/October 15, 2020

Video content is today’s most powerful weapon in the hands of content marketers everywhere. If you know how to make video content work on YouTube, then you have almost made it big in your specific niche. YouTube is essentially the direction where content marketing is headed, and we’ve got real stats to prove the case.

  • 8 out of 10 people on the internet streams YouTube videos
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world at the moment
  • Users are reported to spend over 1 billion hours on YouTube each day

YouTube has become the largest hangout place for marketers and customers alike. With such a growing subscription for video content, it’s become even more important for marketers to pour their heart and soul into YouTube Marketing. Well, don’t fret fellow marketers! With this blog, marketers at Mr Digital are bringing you the latest mix of strategies and quick tips to leverage your YouTube Marketing like you always dreamed of.

Let’s dive right into our tried tested strategies to create fully optimised YouTube content and double your channel subscription.

1. Writing powerful titles

Even your most compelling video content could go unnoticed by viewers, because it didn’t have a powerful title. So, it’s absolutely essential that you write powerful titles to attract the right audience.

Simply follow these useful tips for writing compelling copies and growing your audience:

Find relevant keywords: Including the right keyword in your title will let google bots understand exactly what your content is about. More importantly, your target audience can discover the content based on these specific keywords in the title.

Write short titles: Don’t overdo it. Keep your titles as short as possible and to the point. Ideally, the title characters should stay within 60 characters. This title length will let people get the whole picture at a single glance.

Be descriptive with titles: The last thing you need is to have users do the guesswork. Your title should be descriptive enough to help viewers find out what your video content is all about. Never keep your audience guessing.

Give viewers the reason why: Why would viewers want to spend their precious time watching your video. From reading your title alone, viewers should get the reason why to watch your video.

Here are some tips to help you come up with amazing titles:

  • Narrow down the central idea of your video content
  • Do some keyword research to find the search queries related to your theme
  • Make sure to create titles that directly answer search queries
  • Use some keyword suggestion tool for your keyword research
  • Look up the trending content on YouTube and their titles

2. Placing the right thumbnail

YouTube Thumbnail

Thumbnail is your chance to hook your viewers with something unique about your video content. Thumbnail makes your video content instantly recognisable and click-worthy. You simply need to make sure your thumbnail is aligned with the theme of your video content.

The big idea here is to make viewers curious by using a compelling thumbnail. Get them interested in your story right away. So how do you tell a story using a simple Gif?

Well, here’s what you need to do to customise your video thumbnail:

  1. Always use standard video sizes
  2. Use high-resolution images
  3. Make sure to include your best video template for maximum engagement
  4. Use the 16:9 aspect ratio
  5. Keep a consistent format across all types of videos
  6. Include exciting faces in your thumbnail

Now, if you want to take your customisation to the next level, do try your hand at some photoshop.

3. Start branding your YouTube channel

Branding your YouTube channel is the most important step you can take towards building brand credibility and recognition. If you’re a well-established brand, people will start taking you seriously. Once you start branding, your followers will start growing and spending more time with your content. It’s essential that you use your branded logo for your YouTube channel. Now if you’re just starting your personal channel, you should use your headshot as your image. Adding unique titles and descriptions for your videos will make them more discoverable. Make sure to include links to your social media pages and website.

If you are giving a product breakdown of some brand, using brand elements in your video will resonate with your target audience. Not many YouTubers deploy this technique which when used effectively can really make viewers spend a longer period of time watching your videos. While it’s important to build your brand up visually, it is arguably just as important to create proper bio about your brand’s personality. This will help viewers learn about your inspirations and motivations. Make sure to keep your bio short and engaging.

4. Put call-to-action (CTA) in your video content

Research after research has established the correlation between higher engagement rate and call to action in YouTube video. YouTubers put CTA to leverage the engagement of their videos. However, if you don’t use CTA discriminatingly, you will run the risk of annoying your viewers. So it’s vital that you know how to use CTAs smartly. Always make a point of communicating your goal with clarity and instruct people what actions you want them to take. For starters, include your website link or subscription button in your video, but do it in a subtle way so as not to irritate anyone.

5. Sharing your video content on your social channels

If you want to expand the reach of your video content, you should certainly start promoting your content on social media pages. Most marketers understand the importance of using social media to grow their YouTube channel. Every time you publish the latest content on YouTube, you should immediately share it with your followers on social media. Remember, each social channel has a unique culture of its own and you need to find out what works best for your YouTube marketing strategy. Do some research into your social media audience and identify the type of content that engages them the most.

Here are some powerful tips for promoting your YouTube videos on social media:

  • Showcase your YouTube videos on Slide share
  • Share your content across Pinterest and Twitter
  • Promote mini videos on Facebook pages with links to the full content on YouTube
  • Include your video content in your blog pieces
  • Put your YouTube channel link in your Instagram bio
  • Promote your YouTube content on Reddit

6. Reach out to fellow YouTubers

Collaboration is the buzzword in the lives of YouTubers. It’s the tried and tested way to generate engagement and grow your subscriber list. By collaborating with other YouTubers, you will not only build your social presence but discover a new audience.

Here’s how you can do just that:

  • Ensure a sustained period of engagement with your audience and respond to their comments
  • Discover the people in your niche and collaborate with them
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to people with a bigger follower base
  • Don’t limit yourself to working with a single brand

Now, get out there and start building long-term relationships with trusted brands and industry influencers.

Social Blade is an effective tool YouTubers deploy to measure the nature and size of their audience.


If you are serious about YouTube marketing, you should certainly take the aforementioned tips to grow your channel and audience. Even as you get fully experimental, you should remain faithful to the personality of your brand. Make sure to keep close tabs on all developments and see how they are shaping user behaviour. Always create great quality content for your viewers and hook them with compelling thumbnails.

If you need professional guidance on running your YouTube marketing, feel free to get in touch with certified professionals at Mr Digital.



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