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6 Reasons Why PPC Campaigns Fail! And What You Should Do About it

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/September 13, 2019

As you know, Pay Per Click (PPC) is all about driving the audience to your website using ads, like Google Ads for example. Many marketers are looking deeper into making the most out of PPC advertising.

Maybe you’ve tried PPC and spent thousands of pounds but you didn’t see the results you were hoping for and the return on investment (ROI) was not there, leaving you doubting whether PPC campaigns are right for your business. You may conclude “It’s a waste of time and money”. But, in reality, it’s most likely it was your campaign failed!

Why is this happening? Maybe you aren’t thinking practically. 

It’s important to have a sound idea, but the really important thing is the implementation. – Wilbur Ross

Nobody wants their PPC campaign to fail. Discovering where the issues lie will give you an idea on how to analyse the problems.

To help you understand why most PPC campaigns fail, we’ve composed a list of six reasons you really need to care about.

1. Not focusing on the right audience 


The ultimate aim of any marketing strategy is to analyse the behaviour of your targeted audience. Google has made it easier for marketers to identify geographic, demographic and psychographic traits. Knowing customer’s personality traits, interests, values and opinions will help marketers to come up with an excellent list of keywords and topics to target. Instead of asking users directly, you can determine the general characteristics by looking at their social conversations.

2. Tactics without Strategy

What good is setting a PPC campaign without knowing the customer journey?  If you are not monitoring the process regularly with a ‘ Set and forget’ mind, you’re flying blind. Most of the people who run PPC are beating around the bush. Successful PPC managers set longterm goals and think strategically not tactically. PPC campaigns rarely perform well if you trust only on “Click on My Ad”. Map your customer’s journey right from the page where users will land when they click your Ad. Have a clear idea about the different stages the customers navigate at your site. You are close to success when you start working backwards.

3. Bad Ad copy

A bad habit with some marketers is having a disorganised online advertising structure. Though some PPC managers hit up Google trends and analyse competitors, they will forget to think about the customer journey. Even if you’re at the top of the page, it is hard to get recognised when your Ad is indistinguishable from your competitors’. If you are able to make your Ads relevant, specific, thought-provoking, creative and attractive, your campaign performance will improve. Showcase what makes you one-of-a-kind. Implement effective ‘Call To Actions’ and direct the Ad to a relevant landing page.

4. Poor PPC campaign management

The most common mistake marketers make is having a disorganised pay per click management process. Usually, administrators or owners spend a very small amount of time running their campaign. Once something has set, they think “Great, I’m all done” and walk away dreaming magic will happen. Customers often feel a mismatch between the content of both the Ad and the landing page. So, rather than updating your campaign monthly, try checking it once or twice a week. Nothing remains the same for very long in the digital world.

5. Not using Long-tail Keywords

Not-using-Long-tail-KeywordsOnce we find our targeted audience, we need to think from their point of view when searching for keywords. If you fail to target the right keywords, customers won’t get what they search for and your whole effort will go in vain. So, you have to put yourself into customers’ shoes. Start with the keywords including variations, synonyms and move to the specifics. For instance, if you’re running a fashion store that sells clothing, the chances that your page appears top of the search for “Women clothing” is less because of the competition. But if you are more specific in, say, focus on dress features, then keywords like ‘buy Red dress size medium’ are going to particularly spot those customers looking for exactly the same product.

6. Lack of Conversion tracking 

Another factor as to why your PPC campaigns fail is down to wasting money with the lack of conversion tracking. If you are neglecting to monitor leads, registrations or sales, your PPC campaign is destined for failure. The best way to understand how well your PPC Ad campaign is generating your leads, downloads and email sign-ups is through the use of conversion tracking. This allows managers to learn which areas your campaign is improving or not improving, enabling them to effectively optimise bids, Ad text and keywords accordingly. So, don’t even think of running your PPC campaign without implementing conversion tracking first.  

In essence, PPC campaigns can be enormously effective, when done RIGHT. So, if your efforts failed, don’t worry. It’s not too late to turn negative factors upside down.

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