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7 Powerful Tips to Improve Your AdWords CTR

Mohammed J
Mohammed J/February 21, 2020

When running a Google Ads campaign, you certainly want to be aware of how your campaigns are performing. A successful advertising campaign depends on so many elements, and one of the biggest factors we count for a well-performing campaign is high Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

Putting simply, CTR refers to the percentage of people who click on a specific advertisement that appears on the page. It is calculated by simply dividing the number of people who clicked on a given element by the total number of visitors to that page. If your PPC ad has 1 click and got 1,000 impressions, then the CTR would be 0.1 per cent.

If search marketers want to find better results from Google Ads, they need to improve the click-through rate.

So, how do you get the highest CTR possible?

I am introducing eight powerful ways to improve the CTR for your Google Ads.

1. Use Ad Extensions

Use Ad ExtensionsAd extensions are additional information to your ad text in which visitors can take action directly from the search results. Your regular ad may only contain a headline, website URL and ad copy. Ad extension provides additional links to your site, special discounts, offers and other data, making your ad stand out among competitors. Here are the 4 ad extensions that I recommend:

Sitelink extension:  If someone is looking for a particular product and you direct him to a landing page that contains all your product details, you will simply lose that conversion. This is where site link extension is so effective as it takes visitors to specific pages on your site. When someone taps or click on your links, they will be able to go directly what they want to know or buy.

Call extension: Including call extensions to your adverts make it easier for visitors to get in touch. The idea is perfect for businesses where customer calls are important in the sales process. Along with your ad, you can promote business contact number so that people can click and call directly.

Callout extension: Callout extension is a good addition to Google Ads when it comes increasing Click Through Rate. It can be difficult to present detailed information about your business, product or services. But callouts make the process easy without taking up many characters.

Structured snippet extension: The type of ad extension highlight the aspect of your products and services below your advert description lines. Structured snippets actually give visitors a preview of the nature and range of your products and services before you click on your ad.

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2. Capitalise Every Word

Bloom Fresco High Chair

Buy bloom fresco high chair

Above are the example of two ads – one with title case in the headline and one without. Which ads look better? Of course, it is the one with the title case in the headline.

Though this is more for visual purpose, capitalisation has actually proven to be very effective in making ads compelling.

So use title case to make your adverts unique and it is a proven way to increase Google Ads CTR.

3. Use attractive CTAs


Use attractive CTAsYou may be confused by what a Call-To-Action can do for an Ad. But the secret is that people actually expect relevant CTAs from your Ads.

Including CTAs in Adwords can prompt your leads, potential prospects and customers to take a specific desired action. If you are running an e-commerce company, you will definitely want people to purchase your product. So, you will go with the CTA of Buy Now!

Likewise, there are other CTAs that you can consider using such as:

  • Register Now!
  • Call Today!
  • Request a Free Quote
  • Find Out More!
  • Download the Book

4. Increase bids

Increasing bids is one of the quickest ways to get high Click-Through-Rate. If you get a higher ad position, you get more visibility and higher ad exposure.

Higher ad position can in turn automatically increase CTR as it is obvious that ads appearing on the top tend to get more clicks.

You have to thoroughly analyse your bidding strategies to understand which keywords are being overbid and which all are underbid. Else, you will end up losing your wallet. So, I suggest increasing bids only for those keywords having potential for improvement. This will help you to achieve improved traffic for your website.

5. Compelling Ad copy

Do not forget the fact that Ad copy is the only part of your PPC campaign that a visitor actually sees. Those valuable words that make up your ad copy are the only element that a visitor uses to take the action. The ad copy is the overall essence of your ad where you have to convince the visitors to click on your Ad copy.

Take an adequate amount of time to create engaging, efficient and attractive Ad copy. The headline of your ad copy should make the first impression and entice the searcher to read the rest of the ad copy. Include target keywords in your headlines to drive more clicks. That’s not all! Add a unique selling proposition, features, benefits along with a call to action.

6. Put your main Keyword in display URL

Put your main Keyword in display URLThe display URL in adverts is a great place to include your main keywords to attract maximum attention. So, why not take advantage of your display URL to include your main keyword.

By putting the main keyword in the display URL, you can gain the trust of the searchers who sees the ad. Some specific search terms in your ad make users feel like your advert more relevant to them which increases the likelihood of clicking.

7. Use negative keywords

You may spend a lot of time searching the regular keywords, but all your efforts will be in vain if your ads are shown to an irrelevant audience.

Not just the right keywords, but the correct negative keywords also play a significant role in increasing the Click Through Rate. Negative keywords will prevent your ads from displaying for irrelevant search queries.

For instance, when you add “cheap” as a negative keyword to your campaign or ad group, you tell Google Ads not to show your ad for any search containing the term “cheap”.

It is obvious that Click-Through-Rate has a significant impact on the overall performance of your adverts, so it would be a great decision to optimise the CTR perfectly. I hope the above suggestion can skyrocket your campaign performance!

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