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7 skills every digital marketer should possess 

Mohammed J
Mohammed J/May 4, 2020

With technology undergoing constant change, marketers everywhere have been required to add more and more skills to their marketing arsenal. It’s essential that you delve into different areas of digital marketing and reemerge feeling better informed and equipped to deal with the everyday needs of businesses. Using these new skills you can efficiently engage in activities like lead generation and brand awareness.

However, not everyone is blessed with the necessary skills to cut it in the digital marketing industry. On the bright side, digital marketing is a craft which may take years of effort. Don’t worry, with the right type of resources at your disposal, you can also master the art of digital marketing. Our marketers have compiled in this blog the top 7 skills every digital marketer should learn to make it big in the industry.

Learning how to work with data analytics tools

Data-analytics-toolsToday, the market is flooded with data analytics tools. The easy availability of analytics tools has actually made it difficult for marketers to pick the right one. Learning to use these tools will help you understand customer needs and deliver them relevant messages. Analytics tools are deployed to properly analyse the whole range of data extracted from the interactions and activities in your target market. Interactions could be anything from online transactions to content consumption and search trends. The data you collect on a daily basis is only as good as what you do with it. The tools can help you make sense of data and get rid of redundant materials.  Knowing how to separate the wheat from the chaff will help you make proper business decisions.

Improving your copywriting skills

Content essentially forms the foundation of every digital marketing strategy. There’s more to copywriting than simply creating tons of blogs and articles. As a writer, you need to create content that not only connects with the target audience but drives home the message with maximum impact. This is why a marketer needs to be well versed in the arts of copywriting.

Creative copywriting skills combined with practical knowledge of SEO can be a great asset to digital marketing initiatives. Knowing how to optimise your copy using relevant keywords will improve the marketer in you. Look for content ideas that can be converted into valuable, share-worthy articles. Learn to create content that drives business growth and marketing campaigns.

Working on your SEO and SEM skills

It’s one thing to publish a high-quality piece of content but a whole different thing to cater it to people who actually need it. By learning the workings of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you can devise effective ways to drive traffic to your website. Once you have got your head around the SEO and SEM concepts, you can start deploying them to shape your marketing strategies.

With Google’s algorithm rolling out new updates at every turn, marketers are expected to be on their toes to keep up to speed. If they want to stay ahead of the digital curve, marketers need a more strategic approach to understanding the world of SEO and SEM.

Developing your listening skills

Being a good listener is an essential trait required in every discipline. Improving your listening skills will help you understand the pulse of your target audience and promote content that truly resonates with the audience. While creating and promoting your content is important, what’s just as important is to establish a strong connection with your target audience. Marketers can only do that by becoming a good listener first. Understanding the tastes, likes and dislikes of your target audience will allow you to create the best content for their specific needs.

The next time you use social media, deploy social listening tools to find out what people are talking about your brand. Incorporate the newly acquired social insights into your marketing initiatives to produce the best results.

Improving your Email marketing chops

Even after the introduction of multiple marketing channels, email marketing remains to be one of the best means of driving business growth. It’s arguably the most effective way of building a strong relationship with customers. The idea is to experiment with innovative email marketing techniques until you find the best one. In order to get the most out of email campaigns, you should use the best tools and formulate the perfect strategy. You will need to analyse the click rates, personalise the email message and automate your campaigns.

Tap into the power of CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) holds the key to improving customer experience. When used effectively, CRMs can analyse the customer interactions, thus helping you make business decisions based on accurate data you acquired. You can always draw on the customer data to create content and conversations that connect with them on a personal level.  The right CRM will equip you with the knowledge necessary to lift the standards of customer service. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and ask yourself this simple question: how would you like to be reached out to and spoken to? Using CRM to manage your interactions with customers will improve the quality of communication and relationship with the target audience.

Take your Social media skills to the next level 

The world of social media is growing exponentially. It’s the one place where digital marketers should go to create dialogues and awareness about their products or services. Go to social media channels and engage with the people so as to spread the good word.

As a marketer, you should realise that there’s more to social media than just posting materials on a regular basis. By using social media tools, you can target the niche audiences based on various key metrics like age, interests and likes. Being a master of social media will help you build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Digital marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you truly want to take control of your own future, you should invest your time and energy into acquiring some of the tips listed in this article. They can certainly be learned by anyone. If you find the prospect of mastering these skills overwhelming, our marketing experts at Mr Digital would love to help you along the way.

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