About Us

The only sales-focused digital marketing agency that really helps businesses create integrated sales and marketing strategies that enable businesses to achieve great things through affordable, effective digital marketing services.


What We Do

Our comprehensive knowledge of marketing trends helps us deliver tailor-made solutions to create you an effective, integrated sales and marketing strategy. Drawing on the expertise of our tech-savvy marketers, we offer everything from Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Media Marketing to SEO and results-driven Lead Generation. We delve into your business needs, address your pain points and formulate strategies that will help your brand stand out from the crowd. 

Our Skills & Expertise

Mr Digital is a full-service Digital Marketing Company committed to helping you and your business reach your maximum potential through sales-focused marketing activity. We care about delivering the very best service for our clients, and our team works hard to enable your business to grow.

Mr Digital has the right team to help your business achieve the vital competitive advantage you need to succeed. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur just starting out, or you’re a well-known global brand seeking to extend your digital reach, let us guide you through the digital landscape and help you create and execute a winning digital marketing strategy.

Working with People

At Mr Digital, we believe that it is the people who are important rather than abstract concepts, or business theories. We take the time to get to know you and work with you to identify what you really want to achieve. This approach enables us to better understand your specific requirements and how your digital strategy fits into your wider business goals. Understanding your brand and business is key to offering you the maximum possible value in all your digital marketing activity.

We provide your business with the most useful content, in the most appropriate format, in the most timely manner, so that you can achieve the best possible results. Our digital marketing services deliver real, measurable value for your business. Our certified team is committed to working together to use all of their skills and experience to drive your business forward.

Why We Do What We Do

It’s shocking some of the prices agencies are charging for digital marketing services that don’t deliver sales; instead companies justify the investment using clicks, session or followers. Brand awareness is great, but it doesn’t pay the bills!

Some companies appear to prey on business owners or marketers with less knowledge and experience so they can mislead them without being challenged and this frustrated our Managing Director, Ross, so much that he started Mr Digital – a sales-focused digital marketing agency that enables businesses to achieve great things through affordable, effective digital marketing services, delivered by a team of certified professionals who practice what we preach!

mr digital team - marketing specialists

“We provide Certified Digital Marketing Specialists that are guaranteed to deliver results, at affordable rates”

Our Promise

Our business model is designed to make effective digital marketing affordable and we do this by keeping our overheads low by having our main office and most of our expert team in India, where costs are much lower. This is what lots of global brands do, including Google, Amazon, Uber, IBM, Adobe and KPMG. 

By following in the footsteps of the global brands, we are able to provide high-quality, sales-focused marketing to our clients, delivered by our team of certified marketing professionals, at a fraction of the price of most digital marketing agencies – and we are so confident that we will not get beaten on price that we promise to pay the difference if you can find a company that offers comparable services cheaper. 

* service must be comparable in terms of service offering, quality of delivery, time-around times, experience and certifications of experts and range of skills. Must be raised within 60 days of service delivery.

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