Artificial Intelligence for SEO success in 2020

How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in SEO and Rank in 2020

Savan Francis
Savan Francis/December 31, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a mere buzzword that makes the headline every now and then. For marketers everywhere, Artificial Intelligence is a reality that is starting to affect every facet of their digital marketing activities. Long gone are the days when people used it to talk about movies taking place in a galaxy far, far away. And no, robots and aliens no longer have a monopoly over it.

Artificial intelligence has as much influence in the lives of the average marketer as it has in the lives of robots or scientific discipline for that matter. It’s no longer the stuff of the distant future, it is right here, right now. From helping users make the best buying choice on Amazon to creating the perfect playlist on Spotify, human beings simply cannot do without some Artificial Intelligence in their lives.

With AI’s growing impact on everyday lives, Marketers are compelled to incorporate it into their marketing strategy. Over the years, search engines have been testing and adopting various AI elements to rank web pages more effectively. This makes it all the more important for digital marketers to understand the role of Artificial intelligence in SEO. With the AI-powered search engines, we are slowly starting to see better content delivery and relevant search results.

While the SEO rules pretty much remain the same, understanding Artificial intelligence is key unlocking the secrets of Google rankings. Today, marketers get AI insights to better inform their content strategy and improve page rankings.

So, what kind of kind AI-driven strategy do you need to achieve the desired SEO results in 2020? Keep reading to find out how you can draw on Artificial intelligence to leverage your SEO like a true professional.

The state of Artificial intelligence in SEO

The state of Artificial intelligence in SEOArtificial intelligence has many practical applications in SEO. Take for instance search engines which use different forms of artificial intelligence to deliver the most relevant results for your queries.  Today, search engines are known for deploying a combination of advanced AI technology and machine learning to interpret user queries as naturally as possible.

As always search engines, especially Google, makes a point of keeping people in the dark about the workings of Algorithm updates. Similarly, search engines never reveal any details about the way in which they use artificial intelligence to raise the bar. With Google’s search engine growing more elusive by the minute, SEOs and webmasters have enough on their plate without having to keep tabs on the AI updates.

However, if you observe algorithm updates closely enough, you can actually see AI in action. People simply cannot afford to ignore the effect AI could possibly have on how your content ranks on search engine results page.  AI is starting to shape how search engines interpret and organise the content on your web pages.

This is where the qualitative relationship between text and voice search becomes more and more evident. Voice search draws on AI technology to process the language better and deliver relevant results. If you are not optimising your website for voice search, you are really losing out on lots of potential queries. Voice search looks set to take up 50 per cent of total searches on Google.

How SEOs are using Artificial intelligence in content marketing today

We hope reading about the role of AI in SEO has helped you see the need for rethinking your SEO strategy. Now we know the magic SEO-specific content can do to your rankings on search engine results page. A well-thought-out Content Marketing strategy lies at the core of every successful online business. It’s worth noting that marketers have learned from experience and are now using AI to power their content marketing.

So, how do you use artificial intelligence in your content? Is that even possible?

Oh yes, and digital marketers do this by selecting the right AI tool to leverage their content. You should follow suit and strengthen your content strategy by simply reading the tips we list out in detail here.

Or if you want to see how our digital experts combine AI and SEO to take clients to the top pages of Google.

Find the right AI-powered tool for SEO 

Firstly, you must choose a tool that can seemingly boost your content marketing initiatives. You could easily find a bunch of AI-powered tools to get the best out of SEO, but what you need is a powerful tool specifically designed for content.

The tool should help you perform a comprehensive content audit for the webpages and give you actionable insights for keyword targeting and SEO.

Finding the relevant content topics 

Once you have got hold of the right AI tool, you get right down to using it to supercharge your on-page and off-page SEO campaigns. Most marketers take advantage of AI technology to find the right content. The tool is also used to repurpose the outdated content. When executed correctly, AI can help you improve SEO by helping you identify the right opportunities, be they creating share-worthy content, targeting relevant keywords or building high-quality backlinks. The more efficient your tool the better optimised your backlink portfolio and keyword research will be.

Ubersuggest and Answer the pubic are among the free tools that can help you discover relevant topics to take your SEO to the next level.

Thoroughly Analysing your SEO data 

Each application you use has a unique way of gathering and delivering SEO data. What’s important is that you personally sieve through all the content generated by the AI application. Get the experienced SEOs in your team to make sure that the data is free of errors. Once you ensure the data is in compliance with SEO standards, you can assign the recommended technical and stylistic changes to the content managers.

Do not know what to do with all the old content? Well, businesses deploy AI to optimise the old content. Using the right AI tools will help you spot everything from under optimised keywords to title tags and descriptions. Optimise all key aspects of your online entity and attain top rankings in search result pages.

Use powerful analytics tools like screaming frog, Google analytics and Ahrefs to track and measure the performance metrics of your website. Once you have gathered all the data and figured out which pages are underperforming, you can upload them on AI Tool and start re-optimising them based on the recommendations.

What is the future of AI in SEO? 

What is the future of AI in SEOSearch Engines are on an ever-evolving journey that will stop at nothing to offer the best experience for users. As the technologies evolve and search engines grow more complex by the minute, users are starting to discover the power of search. Understandably, search engine giants like Google are on a mission to be versatile and ready to serve the search queries.

Hence, marketers and SEOs are expected to be up to speed with the search engine’s progress and raise the bar accordingly. This also means that there is no room for complacency in SEO. You either experiment with the latest trends or stay where you are and risk being outranked by your competitors.

Incorporating Artificial intelligence into SEO has enabled marketers to serve the needs of searchers as naturally as possible. As a result, marketers have been made to take into account the AI every time they build an online strategy.  From targeting a relevant audience and automating email sequences, AI features in every aspect of digital marketing you can imagine. The growing impact of AI on SEO is encouraging more and more marketers to see how all these seemingly different parts of marketing are in fact interconnected.

So, how are you planning on implementing AI for SEO growth? At Mr Digital we can get things started, whether it is by using AI-powered content marketing or actionable insights to reshape your strategy.

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