Pamtree – Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation

Alongside the development of Pamtree’s apps, we wereasked to generate interest and create a buzz around the ‘soon to be released’ app. We agreed that social media marketing was the best channel to do this, especially given Pamtree’s target audience.

We agreed to manage Pamtree’s social media strategy, posting and advertising, as well as content creation. It was important for us to have good, quality content for Pamtree’s target audience if we were going toget them to engage with us on social media and eventually convert them intoleads.


We started by clearly identifying the target audience; how old were they, where do they live, what social media channels do they use, etc. then we looked what their pain points and desired outcomes were so we can create effective messaging around that. Once the audience and messages were defined, we created a content calendar around certain themes that would resonate with the audience, before creating content to support those themes.


After running their social media for just a few months, we have generated over 200 leads for their app. And these are not just vanity metrics like followers or likes, but real leads that have had actually had one-to-one discussions regarding the app and how it can help their business. This is only the beginning of Pamtree’s social media marketing campaign and with their apps launching soon, we’ve got a big social media/Clickfunnels campaign planned alongside our organic engagement strategy.
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Pamtree – Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation

Pamtree – Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation

2000+ Subscribers
6+ Page 1 Google Rankings
100% Positive Brand Uplift

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Mark Stokes UK – Facebook Ads & Clickfunnels

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Industry Social Media Website

CCR – Industry Social Media Website

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