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CCR – Industry Social Media Website

CCR – Industry Social Media Website


CCR Magazine approached us with the idea of taking their offline advertising model and migrating it online to ensure their business continues to grow in this digital era.


With high expectations and a limited budget, we drew up a list of options for CCR to consider and there was going to have to be some sort of comprise to create what is effectively their own social media platform for their industry with a tight budget. Luckily, our team are very experienced with WordPress and PHP and were able to create a solution that was a mix of our of the box WordPress plugins and a lot of custom coding. This allowed us to achieve 90% of the CCR’s desired features within their budget, which they were delighted about.

One of the key considerations after the design and development was completed was the server and security we needed to put in place to so that the performance of the site remained high and the users’ personal
data was secure.


CCR now have an online social community, which their clients and sponsors have been thrilled with. Their site has added security to stop bots or hackers getting in and their users are playing an active role in updating the site daily and participating in discussions.

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