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Let us connect you with leading influencers and build up brand ambassadors as your personal content creators, increasing your reach and generating sales.

Proven Strategies

Proven Strategies

Explore our collection of tried-and-true digital marketing strategies, backed by data, to help your business thrive online.

Certified Experts

Certified Experts

Benefit from our certified professionals, equipped with the knowledge and skills to optimise your digital marketing efforts.

Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

Experience the difference with our guarantee of delivering impressive results, combining expertise, innovation, and tailored digital marketing strategies.

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Professional Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool in today's digital landscape. Mr Digital connects your brand with the right influencers, leveraging their reach and credibility to amplify your message and engage with a broader audience.

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Why Professional Influencer Marketing Services?

Our influencer marketing approach is strategic and results-oriented. We identify influencers who align with your brand values and have the right audience, ensuring authentic and effective collaborations.

We find and connect with influencers who resonate with your brand and audience.

We design and execute influencer campaigns that align with your marketing objectives, ensuring measurable results.

We track campaign performance, using insights to optimise future influencer collaborations for better engagement and ROI.

Understanding Influencer Marketing

Imagine us as your talent agents in the world of Influencer Marketing, selecting the right celebrities (influencers) to endorse your product or service. Just like talent agents match celebrities with big brands for maximum impact, we carefully identify influencers who align perfectly with your target audience and brand ethos.

We then negotiate these partnerships, setting the stage (or the ad set, so to speak) for your product to shine. Similar to how an endorsement deal comes with scripts and planned appearances, we use outreach templates to help guide the dialogue between you and the influencers.

As your backstage managers, we handle the daily interactions and logistics, ensuring that the influencers are not only posting but are genuinely engaged with your brand. And much like the big boards that track celebrity endorsements’ success rates, we provide real-time data analytics so you can see how effectively the influencers are reaching your target audience.

In essence, our service isn’t just about linking you with the right influencers. It’s about securing star-studded endorsements that dramatically boost your brand’s visibility and appeal, just like how celebrities have been amplifying brands for decades.

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Reach more people with our authentic influencer marketing strategies.

Our 5-stage process for effective influencer marketing campaigns:

1. Research & Plan

In the way an agent identifies the most suitable celebrities for a brand, we begin by understanding your specific brand, target audience and overall goals. With this information, we outline a strategic influencer marketing plan tailored to meet your objectives.

2. Track & Measure

Just as talent agents keep tabs on the reach and impact of celebrity endorsements, we employ tracking tools to closely monitor the success metrics of your influencer campaigns, ensuring that they are effective and meet your goals. To make sure that we’re always on track before the work begins, we set up these goals way in advance so that when we execute the strategy, we know if we’re succeeding or not.

3. Execute

Once the right influencers are selected (our brand-appropriate celebrities), we make sure they’re fully committed to showcasing your brand through social media posts, stories, or videos, similar to how a celebrity would appear in advertisements or on talk shows.

4. Optimise

As an agent might renegotiate contracts based on performance metrics, we use data insights to adjust our approach continually. We’ll fine-tune the campaign, optimising influencer partnerships and content to achieve even better results.

5. Scale

Once your campaign starts seeing blockbuster results, we go bigger. Just as a successful celebrity endorsement might extend into additional campaigns or products, we look for opportunities to scale up your influencer marketing efforts for maximum reach and impact.

Why You Need an Influencer Marketing Agency

Build a Network Of Loyal Brand Ambassadors With Our Influencer Marketing Services!

Build a Network Of Loyal Brand Ambassadors With Our Influencer Marketing Services!

influencer marketing strategies
We have proven strategies for engaging influencers online and turning them into brand advocates

Generate Better ROI with Proven Influencer Marketing Strategies

Access Our Proven Influencer Marketing Strategies.

If you’re tired of so-called ‘influencer marketing gurus’ delivering excuses and are ready to see real results from your influencer marketing efforts, it’s time to put our proven, audience-focused influencer marketing strategies to work. We’re not talking impressions, followers and clicks… but real engagement and sales!

Our Infinity-5 Framework

Our proven framework enables us to guarantee success with influencer marketing.

infinity 5 framework
  • 1

    Research & Plan

    We start by understanding your brand, audience and business objectives. Then we create a custom influencer marketing strategy that is focused on the targets we need to achieve return-on-investment.

  • 2

    Track & Measure

    We put tracking in place to ensure we can measure every step of the process and build a custom-reporting dashboard that includes the targets we need to achieve.

  • 3


    We tap into our social media marketing experts to find the best content creators to match your brand and ensure we are targeting the right audience. Once identified, we get their commitment to your brand marketing plan in return for free products each month.

  • 4


    We optimise the influencer campaign by taking responsibility for managing the influencers and using different tactics to get them to create content that promotes your products.

  • 5


    Once we are achieving the desired results, we recommend scaling the activity.

Real Projects and Results We’ve Delivered

Amplify your brand’s reach and credibility with our strategic Influencer Marketing solutions. Our Influencer Marketing services are designed to help businesses boost their online visibility, attract quality leads, and achieve remarkable outcomes. Whether it’s collaborating with relevant influencers or launching successful influencer-driven campaigns, our projects demonstrate how we drive authentic connections and brand advocacy for brands.

mr digital project onu


50,000+ products imported to Shopify.

mr digital project smoko


A 233% organic traffic boost in 4 months.

mr digital project hearing direct

Hearing Direct

A 15% revenue increase in the first 4 months.

Influencer Marketing Service Deliverables

Flexible hourly-rate pricing tailored for you, based on your requirements.

  • Audience Research: We'll study your target audience to understand their interests and preferences.
  • Number of Influencers: We'll connect you with a specified number of influencers who can promote your brand.
  • Outreach Message Templates: We'll provide templates for messages you can send to influencers.
  • Daily Engagement: We'll interact with influencers daily to maintain a strong relationship.
  • Influencer Partner Engagement: We'll manage your relationships with influencers.
  • Influencer Partner Agreement Template: We'll provide a template for agreements with influencers.
  • Custom Landing Page: We'll create a custom landing page for your influencer marketing campaign.
  • Social Media Posts: We'll create posts for social media as part of your influencer marketing campaign.
  • Social Media Channels: We'll manage your influencer marketing campaign across a specified number of social media channels.
  • Custom Reporting Dashboard: We'll provide a custom dashboard where you can view the results of your influencer marketing campaign.
  • Productive Access: You'll have access to productivity tools to help manage your influencer marketing campaign.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: You'll have a dedicated account manager to oversee your influencer marketing campaign.
  • Minimum Term: You'll commit to a minimum term for your influencer marketing campaign.

Marketing Service Plans

We offer flexible retainers tailored for you, based on your requirements. Our plans offer different levels of service to meet your specific needs.


From £500

Per month + VAT


From £1250

Per month + VAT


From £3000

Per month + VAT


From £6000

Per month + VAT

Research & Planning
Return On Investment Targets
Custom Strategy
Copywriting + Creative Design
Campaign Setup, Management & Optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Lead Tracking & CRM Access
Bespoke Reporting Dashboard
Guaranteed Results
Ad Budget Management
Up to £2000
Onboarding Timeframe
14 Days
14 Days
7 - 10 Days
7 - 10 Days
Turnaround Times
7 days
5-7 days
3-5 days
1-3 days
Account Management
Project Manager
Project Manager
Project Director
Project Director
Client Success Meetings
Included Hours
6 months
6 months
12 Months
12 Months
Hourly Rate
Saving on our Hourly Rate
16.67% cheaper
20.63% cheaper
27.27% cheaper
33.33% cheaper
How does this compare to the average UK hourly rate for agencies?
27.33% cheaper
30.79% cheaper
36.58% cheaper
41.86% cheaper


From £500
Per month + VAT


From £1250
Per month + VAT


From £3000
Per month + VAT


From £6000
Per month + VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our influencer marketing network is open to all industries. In case there are no suitable influencers for your brand or industry, we use tested methods to discover and add new influencers to our network.

The brand is allowed to use any content created by the influencers on their behalf in any way they choose without needing to pay any extra fees or obtain additional licences. However, the content remains the property of the influencer.

The time it takes to match our influencer marketing partnerships can vary. It may take a few days to match effectively, or it could take a few weeks if we need to introduce new influencers into our network.

We've created an influencer marketing network that connects brands with content creators at an affordable price. However, the cost of our services is dependent on the number of influencers you wish to work with and your outreach goals. Please reach out to us for a precise quote.

An influencer marketing agency specialises in connecting brands with influencers to promote products or services to a wider or more targeted audience. The agency handles campaign strategy, influencer identification and outreach, content creation oversight, negotiation of contracts, and campaign analytics to ensure the effectiveness of the marketing efforts.

Choose an influencer marketing agency with experience in your specific industry and a proven track record of successful campaigns. Look for agencies that offer a transparent process, from influencer vetting to ROI measurement, and ensure they understand your brand values and target audience.

Success is measured using a variety of metrics, including but not limited to, engagement rates (likes, comments, shares), reach, conversion rates, brand awareness lift, and ROI. The specific KPIs should align with the initial goals set for the campaign, whether they are to increase sales, boost brand visibility, or drive traffic to a website.

Current trends include a shift towards authenticity and long-term partnerships with influencers, increased use of video content (especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram), leveraging micro and nano-influencers for targeted engagement, and integrating influencer content across multiple marketing channels for a cohesive strategy.

Yes, influencer marketing can be effective for a wide range of businesses by selecting the right influencers whose followers match the business's target audience. It's crucial to tailor the approach based on the product or service, focusing on platforms where the target customers are most active.

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