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Boost Your Ecommerce Sales By An Average Of 26% In The First 6 Months With Klaviyo

Let us show you how to take your eCommerce business to the next level with an integrated email and SMS strategy with Klaviyo.

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Proven Strategies

Proven Strategies

Explore our collection of tried-and-true digital marketing strategies, backed by data, to help your business thrive online.

Certified Experts

Certified Experts

Benefit from our certified professionals, equipped with the knowledge and skills to optimise your digital marketing efforts.

Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

Experience the difference with our guarantee of delivering impressive results, combining expertise, innovation, and tailored digital marketing strategies.

Updated: 07-12-2023

Work With Certified Klaviyo Experts

Get Maximum Sales From Your Klaviyo Database With Our Expert Email Marketing Services!

Imagine a Klaviyo strategy that consistently results in higher open rates, click-through rates, and sales-qualified leads each month, all within your current marketing budget. Are you tired of spending your marketing budget on Klaviyo marketing agencies and “gurus,” only to see no return on investment from your database? It’s time to consider our proven, revenue-focused strategies. Our Klaviyo strategies have achieved a remarkable average lift in revenue at 29%, with 35% of that resulting from automation-driven email. Additionally, through this approach, our sales skyrocketed by 30% due to email marketing alone!

Klaviyo marketing strategies
Our a Klaviyo Partner Agency, we know how analyse the data and use it to create growth strategies

Generate Better ROI With Proven Klaviyo Strategies

Access Our Proven Email Marketing Strategies.

If you’re tired of so-called ‘Klaviyo marketing gurus’ delivering excuses and are ready to see real results from your Klaviyo efforts, it’s time to put our proven, revenue-focused Klaviyo strategies to work. Many of our clients have achieved return-on-investment in just a matter of months. We’re not talking impressions, followers and clicks… but real revenue!

The Infinity-5 Framework

Our proven framework enables us to guarantee success:

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  • 1

    Research & Plan

    We start by understanding your brand, audience and business objectives. Then we create a custom Klaviyo marketing strategy that is focused on the targets we need to achieve return-on-investment.

  • 2

    Track & Measure

    We put tracking in place to ensure we can measure every step of the process and build a custom-reporting dashboard that includes the targets we need to achieve.

  • 3


    We tap into our Klaviyo experts to create all of the assets you need to achieve ROI with your email strategy and then we execute the strategy.

  • 4


    We create a series of A/B tests in Klaviyo so we can learn what really works and enable the data to drive our decisions. We analyse the Klaviyo activity every 2 weeks (or more regularly if needed) to understand which tests are performing best. We use our insight to optimise the email marketing activity for better results; higher open, click-through and conversion rates.

  • 5


    Once we are achieving the desired results with Klaviyo, we scale your email marketing activity.

Real Projects and Results We’ve Delivered

Check out how we’ve helped businesses grow online, get lots of good leads, and do well with our wide variety of digital marketing, lead generation, and Klaviyo campaign efforts.

Our effective Kalviyo campaigns have delivered some truly outstanding in terms of client projects. For instance, one such client of this service saw a remarkable 5.25 ROAS and a revenue increase of over 15% in the first 4 months. Find out about the strategies and results that make us the top choice for improving online experiences and getting real, countable results.


Hearing Direct

We helped Hearing Direct optimise marketing activities and budgets for profitability. By enhancing their Shopify website, optimising search terms, and implementing effective Klaviyo and Facebook Ads campaigns, we guided customers through the conversion journey. Our strategy delivered outstanding results, including a remarkable 5.25 ROAS and a revenue increase of over 15% in the first 4 months, fueled by SEO efforts.



We converted the client’s Magneto website to Shopify, utilising the ‘Warehouse’ theme with custom modifications. We optimised compatibility, achieving seamless browsing on all devices. And by importing over 3,000+ products and integrating Klaviyo, we set them up for higher conversions.

Klaviyo Campaign Service Deliverables

Flexible hourly-rate pricing tailored for you, based on your requirements.

  • We'll develop a strategy for your email marketing campaign and identify your target audience.

  • Number of Emails Included Per Month: We'll send a specified number of emails each month as part of your campaign.

  • Email Copywriting: We'll write the text for your emails.
  • Access to Stock Images: We'll use stock images in your emails.
  • Creative Theme Development: We'll develop a creative theme for your emails.
  • Design Edits for Each Email: We'll customise the design of each email based on your feedback.
  • Coding of Emails (if needed): We'll code your emails if necessary.

  • Split Testing Subject Lines: We'll test different subject lines to see which ones get the best response.
  • Conversion Tracking: We'll track how many recipients take the desired action after reading your emails.

  • Distribution of Emails: We'll send your emails to your mailing list.
  • Open Rate Analysis: We'll analyse how many recipients open your emails.
  • Click Rate Analysis: We'll analyse how many recipients click on links in your emails.
  • Client Success Meeting: We'll meet with you to discuss the success of your campaign.
  • List Split Testing: We'll test different segments of your mailing list to optimise your campaign.
  • Call Tracking: We'll track calls made as a result of your emails.
  • Call Review: We'll review the calls made as a result of your emails.

  • Landing Page Optimisation: We'll optimise the landing pages that your emails link to.

  • Custom Email Template Design: We'll design custom templates for your emails.

  • Additional Emails: We'll send additional emails if needed.
  • Email Subscriber List Management and Segmentation: We'll manage your mailing list and segment it based on various factors.

  • Google Data Studio Dashboards with Real-Time Data: You'll have access to a dashboard in Google Data Studio where you can view real-time data about your campaign.
  • Testing of Emails on 24 Mail Clients: We'll test your emails on 24 different email clients to ensure they display correctly.

  • Online Campaign Project Management: We'll manage your email marketing campaign online.
  • Guarantee: We'll guarantee the results of your email marketing campaign.
  • Minimum Contract: You'll commit to a minimum contract term for your email marketing campaign.

  • Website Signup Implementation: We'll add a signup form to your website for your mailing list.

Marketing Service Plans

We offer flexible retainers tailored for you, based on your requirements. Our plans offer different levels of service to meet your specific needs.



Per month + VAT



Per month + VAT



Per month + VAT



Per month + VAT

Included Hours
6 months
6 months
12 Months
12 Months
Team Member
Account Manager
Account Manager
Account Director
Account Director
Return On Investment Targets
Audience Research
Competitor Research
Custom Strategy
Campaign Setup
Adobe Stock Image Library
Up to 6 images
Up to 20 images
Up to 40 images
Up to 80 images
Management & Optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Analytics Tracking
Call Tracking
Up to 10 calls
Up to 25 calls
Up to 40 calls
Up to 50 calls
Bespoke Reporting Dashboard
CRM Integration
Guaranteed Results
Onboarding Timeframe
14 Days
14 Days
7 - 10 Days
7 - 10 Days


Per month + VAT


Per month + VAT


Per month + VAT


Per month + VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Klaviyo is a highly recommended solution for eCommerce business owners with thousands of brands using it worldwide. Additionally, it can be easily integrated into popular eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

Our team will guide you throughout the whole process of migrating to Klaviyo to make sure there are no mistakes or problems. Additionally, we will properly warm up the new email infrastructure to ensure a smooth and secure transfer.

If you have an existing email database on a different platform, we will need to do an infrastructure warm-up before you can use it on our platform. The warm-up process can take 4-8 weeks depending on the size and quality of your database.

We are GDPR compliant as a "Data Processor" acting on behalf of our clients, who are the "Data Controllers". To learn more about our GDPR compliance, please refer to our privacy policy.

Elevate your email marketing efforts with our meticulous techniques.

Klaviyo Marketing Summed Up

Think of us as your dedicated samplers in the busy email marketing market. Just as samplers offer bite-sized treats to potential buyers, we meticulously prepare your emails to pique interest and invite clicks. We experiment with subject lines like a sampler would experiment with different tastes and we track conversions to give you a fuller understanding of what captures your audience’s interest.

We hand out these carefully crafted emails and gauge the response by analysing open and click rates, much like counting how many folks liked the sample enough to stop by for more. We even note calls made in response to the emails as valuable feedback.

We guide your readers from the email to the landing page in a seamless journey, designing visually appealing templates that make it easier for them to take the next step. We manage your email list as a sampler would manage their sampling schedule, provide real-time data like crowd feedback and thoroughly test our methods to ensure success.

Here’s how our Infinity-5 Framework turns your Klaviyo marketing into a bustling market stall:

1. Research & Plan

We start by understanding what your crowd likes, much like a savvy sampler. With this knowledge, we craft a tailored Klaviyo marketing strategy aimed at making your offerings irresistible.

2. Track & Measure

We set up precise tracking to measure each aspect of your Klaviyo marketing, similar to how a sampler pays close attention to who’s tasting and buying. And the cherry on top, we set up certain goals of how many people we ideally want buying and tasting, so this way, when the work starts, we know if we’re hitting the mark or not.

3. Execute

As your Klaviyo specialists, we hand-pick the elements needed for a successful email campaign and distribute these emails to entice your audience.

4. Optimise

Using A/B testing, we see what gets your audience clicking and continually refine our approach, much like a seasoned sampler might switch out snacks based on crowd reactions.

5. Scale

Once we find what works, we ramp up your Klaviyo marketing to reach more people and serve up greater results, just like a successful sampler who now hosts a bustling stall.

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