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16 Free Instagram Marketing Tools Every Business Owner is Using, And Why You Should Too!

Savan Francis
Savan Francis/October 15, 2019

As Instagram marketing becomes less of a choice and more of a necessity for your business, it can be frustrating to have yet another social media account to post content and promote – especially because Instagram is in a league of its own with its focus on image-based content and user restrictions.

What’s an Instagrammer to do?

As more and more people make a slow but steady shift from Facebook to Instagram, businesses of all shapes and sizes are making Instagram an integral part of their content strategy.  For most marketers, Instagram marketing has become an existential necessity.

With an estimated 900 million monthly users, Instagram is today the most popular platform where people like to share their stories.

However, as far as business owners are concerned, the prospect of publishing and promoting content on Instagram can present you with a real headache, owing to its image-centric content and restrictions on linking to external websites.

So, what exactly are you supposed to do?

Well, did you know about innumerable free marketing tools used by marketers everywhere?

It’s worth noting that digital marketers around the globe leverage a host of free Instagram marketing tools to get the best out of their marketing efforts. Each of these tools can not only optimise your marketing efforts but make your life a whole lot easier.

The digital marketing experts at Mr. Digital love sharing their knowledge with our followers.  With this article, we have compiled a solid list of free marketing tools that anyone can use to improve their Instagram marketing.  Of course, keep in mind that this list might look like a drop in the ocean, but it will still give you a starting point to get things up and running.

1. Facebook power editor 

If you’re promoting your e-commerce brand on Instagram, you’re going to need a reliable tool.  When Facebook bought Instagram, it brought about a host of unique features, including the advertising set up.  Now, users can create and manage ads on Instagram.  The integrated platform allows you to optimise Facebook’s ‘power editor’ to best effect.  Yet, a good number of people fail to take advantage of the feature, when all they have to do is to link their Instagram account to business manager.


Your marketing initiatives could do with a powerful tool that can take you beyond the standard filters. VSCO is a remarkably underrated tool that can inject a new vigour of life into your photos before uploading them.  It is a tool which creators love to experiment with.  The filtering tool will undoubtedly refine the photos and make them more aesthetically stunning.  Use this tool and put to bed all worries about under-performing marketing efforts. However, there is a limit to what you can do with Instagram’s in-built features but this free tool will let you make the most of your photography skills.

3. Later 

When you are managing an Instagram account for business purposes, it will be helpful to schedule a series of posts on a regular basis.  ‘Later’ is arguably the most preferred scheduling tool on Instagram.  The free marketing tool’s capacity to visually create an easy-to-track calendar of posts is not matched by any other platforms in the industry.  It’s the perfect tool every marketer should use because of its capability to organise and publish content in real-time and to add to this,the tool is also compatible with platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

4. Socialrank

Marketing is all about experimentation, and every marketer needs a way to keep tabs on the engagement rate.  You can use Socialrank to keep track of followers and see all who are following you and who you’re following back.  Now, you can easily find out how your posts are performing but more importantly,  you get comparative data on how your account measures up against competitors. Every business with a goal to build on Instagram followers should look no further than Socialrank.

5. Crowdfire 

Instagram is the one platform where people are engaged in a constant struggle to earn the bragging rights about having the highest number of followers.  Well, if building follower list is your priority, then you have another winner in the hands of Crowdfire.  This free tool lets you grow your followers and manage them in real-time. You can even automatically unfollow the people who no longer follow you.

6. Repost 

Every Instagrammer must have at least once in their lives wished they could have a retweet feature on Instagram. Repost is a free tool that has all the answers.  It allows you to publish other user’s content on your profile. Save the content and photos, and share them at the time of your convenience with just a single click. And the tool is free and easy to use.

7. Soldsie

If you are trying to promote your eCommerce products on an Instagram account, you should certainly look into Soldsie, a free tool that can take your Instagram marketing to the next level.  The tool will help you optimise your Instagram account and get more visibility for your published content.  Its shopping basket is automatically integrated with the product posts of Instagram, thus allowing users to easily spot products relevant to them.

8. Iconosquare

This powerfully built free marketing tool is highly resourceful and is marketing-friendly in every regard.  On top of its extraordinary capacity to gather key analytics of your Instagram account, the tool is sleekly designed.  With Iconosquare, you can get insights into key metrics such as total like count, engagement rates of photos, the total number of comments and likes acquired and the growth of followers list.

9. Canva

Canva is a free tool that really unleashes the designer in you. This easy to design application allows even the most amateur designers to experiment with lots of design ideas and bring out unique end products. The tool powers Instagrammers to get creative with their photos by letting them explore a wide range of special effects, colour frames and filters to make the images beautiful.

10. Snap widget  

When on Instagram, the golden rule is to flaunt it, if you have got it. So you have things to showcase on your Instagram, never hesitate to show them off to everyone.  Snap widget lets you organise your photos and videos into a neatly arranged photo gallery that users love.  You can create and publish these galleries on website blogs.  The tool is pretty easy to use and if you run into any difficulty while using it, you can always check out the tutorial videos on its official page.

11. PicFrame

As a marketer, you may have always wished to have a multi-faceted photo editing tool that can streamline your content sharing process on Instagram.  The tool is perfectly compatible with Android and iOS devices and allows you to tap into 73 unique frames.  Marketers use the free tool to breathe an air of professionalism into photos.

 12. Awario

Irrespective of how big a brand you are, it’s important to keep track of all the brand mentions you receive on Instagram.  Learning about your brand mentions will help you engage with potential customers, build your credibility and find people who talk about your products or services online.  Awario is a tool that helps you discover the untagged shout-outs you receive from people, thus allowing you to reach out to them. 

13. Tagboard

Marketers can use a safe and easy-to-use tool that lets them manage Instagram content in real-time. Use Tagboard to easily filter your post based on keywords, hashtags and the popularity of your posts.  You can use the filter to identify the posts carrying offensive comments and block them.  The tool’s algorithm allows you to see the most recent and relevant content published on the platform.

14. Curalate

Instagrammers are blessed with a handful of marketing tools to leverage their eCommerce initiatives.  Curalate is another popular tool that Instagram marketers are really fond of.  Equipped with powerful features, this tool optimises the conversion rate, builds followers list and drive more traffic to an Instagram account. The best part is that you can have it free of cost.

15. Schedugram 

Having a powerful tool to automate your Instagram will buy you some time to take care of other things.  ScheduGram allows you to create and share content across multiple channels.  It’s an incredible tool that will save a lot of your time and energy while trying to promote products through various accounts.

16. Instagram Feed WD

You may have found yourself marvelling at the beautiful Instagram feeds at the bottom of websites.  Instagram Feed WD is a tool that lets thousands of WordPress website owners to build spectacular galleries.  You may need someone to see you through the installation process but after that, just wait and see the tool drive more and more people to your Instagram account.

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