Major Challenges Every Data-Driven Digital Marketer Faces

Major Challenges Every Data-Driven Digital Marketer Faces

Ross Crawford
Ross Crawford/July 19, 2019

Major challenges every data-driven digital marketer faces. Here’s how you conquer them…

Undoubtedly, the best part about being a digital marketing agency is getting the chance to collaborate with businesses of all stripes and help them rectify their day-to-day problems. In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to be ready with problem-solving skills. Let’s take a look at some of the critical issues we come across and resolve to leverage the true potential of businesses.

Challenge number one: Web development

If traffic is the bread and butter of online businesses, user-friendliness is the heart and soul of every website. With many years of experience in the search marketing industry, we have developed a unique knack of making the necessary SEO related changes to transform your website. We don’t often have the privilege of accessing the backend of a website. Most big brands may place a strict code of confidentiality over their website information. It’s almost impossible to make an improvement to a website without having backend access. However, it’s often the job of the internal marketing team to make changes to the website. The fact that most businesses don’t have SEO experts or web developers in-house to change things around on a website can prevent them from implementing effective solutions and creative ideas.

Using A/B testing techniques, digital marketers ingeniously analyse different versions of webpages without having to make any changes in coding. While helpful to an extent, this tactic is no match for optimising a website by changing the code. At best marketers can only consider this a half-measure to the actual problem.

“User experience on a website is absolutely vital from a user’s perspective”

As far as inbound marketing is concerned, each page of your site is supposed to offer some value to visitors. Marketers must spend time in streamlining various aspects of your website. The primary concern should be to make your pages more transparent and user-friendly. It is just as important to develop your designs and content in alignment with your conversion goal.

Challenge number two: Creating the Right Content

“Creating the right content is a universally acknowledged challenge faced by marketers”

Content that offers authentic value to users is hard to come by. Let’s face it, not everyone has enough time in hands to star in a video or publish a written piece of content. Maybe writing or publishing content is not your strongest point. At any rate, you must consistently produce good quality content not just for adding value to your services but leveraging your sales initiatives. Seth Godin once said, “content marketing is the only kind of marketing left.” Stats reveal that out of all types of marketing available, content marketing draws in three times as many leads – so you know where you should be investing your time/budget.

Perhaps, the most overlooked aspect of content marketing is the process of allowing users to discover what they like on their own. There is certainly a specific charm attached to the leads that reach you organically. In other words, they are more likely to convert than visitors acquired through other marketing means. Inquire into the endless scope of content and its marketing implications on your business.

At Mr Digital you can rely on our content marketing strategies to give real purpose to your content and achieve your end-goal.

Challenge number three: Proving your worth

To put it simply, your worth as a digital marketing agency is only as good as the amount of value you offer your clients. If you can’t convince clients about your value, it will be difficult to get into their good books. The best way to kick start your relationship with a client is by focusing on the goals of your client. The last thing you want is navel gazing over vanity metrics like traffic and impressions. Of course, metrics are just part of the puzzle. But they are not what push a business forward. Lead generation, on the other hand, is a solid indication of whether or not your marketing efforts are driving tangible results.

“Gone are the days of speculating on your campaign’s effectiveness. Prove your value by making the most of your data”

For instance, try to document the story behind each lead to get a clear-cut picture of the staging process. The big idea here is to pull out details of your marketing efforts and then visualise the whole buyer journey of leads. Having such granular data at your disposal will enable you to choose specific strategies over others. If a pay per click (PPC) campaign causes a steady influx of users but fails to convert them into clients, then you have got a problem in hand. Without documenting the story user’s journey, you will never be able to use the lead data for repurposing your marketing strategy. It’s vital to build and maintain the records of a user story as it will give your marketing efforts more transparency, and help you make better decisions.

Challenge number four: Not enough time for Creativity

On the one hand, you are expected to push yourself and be up to speed with the latest in the search marketing world. On the other hand, are better following certain paradigms that have traditionally worked for many. You are to take cues from the data and stay alert to the work assignments of your team members. You must at all costs strike a fine balance between the team’s workload and practical viability. An outdated design may prove to be as detrimental to your chances of attracting new business as an ill-conceived marketing campaign. In order to generate business, you need to draw on the creativity of your team to come up with quality web design.

Unfortunately, most of the big brands hire just a single designer who may be juggling multiple tasks at once. This may result in the designer using old designs with no room for creativity. Now every time you get complacent and drift into ordinariness, keep in mind that innovation drives business. Hence, make sure to develop a work environment conducive to creative thinking. Just the act of proclaiming buzzword “creativity” is not good enough. Rather, creativity should be ingrained in the ecosystem of your team, and each facet of marketing campaigns should exude the quality.

What’s the take away from all this?

If you are a digital marketer, you are probably facing these challenges with increasing regularity. At Mr Digital we are always engaged in market research and helping companies execute strategies that fit their business model. Share with us your everyday struggles in the digital world and let’s have a fruitful conversation.