Facebook Adset Changes

Facebook Says Goodbye to Existing Ad Set Budgets!  

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/January 21, 2020

The social media giant is introducing a significant change in the structure of Facebook’s ad campaign platform. The new and existing ad campaigns will be switched to an automated campaign budget allocation system. The update is known as ‘Campaign Budget Optimisation’ (CBO) where the platform will optimise the ad campaign by investing in the ad-set that is performing best out of all within the campaign.

“You’ll have the ability to set one central campaign budget to optimize across ad sets, and we’ll automatically and continuously distribute the budget in real-time to your top-performing ad sets,” said the company.

Previously, Facebook advertisers could allocate specific budgets like minimum and maximum spend limits for each ad set. Now advertisers will no longer be able to define budgets at the ad-set level.  Campaign budget optimisation is available for any campaign objective and is best suited for campaigns with multiple ad sets.

Let’s see the benefits of CBO;

  • Advertisers can maximise the total value of their ad campaign as more budget is allocated to the top-performing ads.
  • Campaign budget optimisation saves advertisers time as they don’t have to manually shift budgets between ad sets.
  • It simplifies the process of campaign management as all calculations are automated.
  • CBO avoid restarting the learning phase compared to manually shifting budgets between ad sets which does restart it.

It seems like shifting the budget from an ad set to the campaign level will bring efficient results to the Facebook ad campaign.

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