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Facebook Search Results Ads are Now Open to All Advertisers

Mohammed J
Mohammed J/October 22, 2019

Facebook seems to be expanding its test of placing ads in users’ search results. Previously,  Ads in Facebook search results have been available to select advertisers after which the company expanded the availability of ad placement to more advertisers.

Now Facebook announces that new ad campaigns using Automatic Placements will automatically include the Facebook Search Results placement. You can manually select the placement when setting up your campaign. Once you selected, ads will be eligible to appear on search result pages which include general search and marketplace search. Thus, as explained recently by Facebook, the ads will only be “contextually relevant to a limited set of English and Spanish search terms”. 

Those who don’t want their ads to appear in search results will no longer be able to use Automatic Placements and will instead need to manually de-select Facebook Search Results and/or Marketplace Placements. 

The new rollout is a boon for any advertiser running a product sales or conversion-focused campaign.

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