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Facebook to Demote Misguiding Health Claims with the new “News Feed Algorithm.”

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/July 25, 2019

Facebook has updated its news feed algorithm to downrank the content that spreads false and misleading health claims. Over the last few months, the company has come under fire for promoting deceptive and confusing remedies that could severely affect people. As a result, two ranking updates have rolled out to bring down posts with exaggerated or sensational matter and posts attempting to sell products or services based on health-related claims.

Facebook will now reduce contents on its platform, considering commonly used phrases and amount of exaggerated information. Posts that Facebook’s algorithm detects sensational will be distributed less and less, preventing from appearing top. The updates itself will not make any changes in the entire page; only posts will be shown in the news feeds of fewer users. Pages should avoid health-related posts that mislead people using health-related claims (false). So a supplement manufacturer will see a steep drop in engagement for posts about fat burners, at the same time posts about protein powder remain unaffected.


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