Coronavirus SOS Alert

Google Activates SOS Alert in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

Mohammed J
Mohammed J/February 3, 2020

In 2017, the tech giant introduced SOS alerts in google search results to assist people in receiving information during an emergency. Designed to keep visitors safe, the SOS tool will display top stories, authoritative local information, emergency helplines and websites.

Now Google, in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, has officially launched SOS alert for searches related to the Coronavirus. When you search Google for Coronavirus, you will get a search results page which is curated with updated information from the World Health Organisation, safety tips and news updates.

“We have teams around the world who source content from government agencies, first responders, trusted media outlets, and NGOs. We also aggregate information from other Google products and services, such as Google News, Google Maps, Waze, and more.” said Google

You will now see a white card noting the SOS alert below which “Top Stories” carousel from major news publications are shown. Underneath, you will be given relevant “Local Updates” from Twitter.

Hopefully, the effort will reduce the spread of misinformation and help those in need with valuable information on time.

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