Social Customer Care

Google Ads to Stop Customer Support through Social Media Platforms

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/January 7, 2020

Google is disabling the option for social media customer support for Google Ads. The update will take effect from the 1st of January 2020 onwards.

The company said that direct messaging on Google Ad’s Facebook and Twitter accounts would be disabled. Users will be directed to have a one to one communication through an online support form.

The social media channels were effective ways of getting quick responses and clarifications about issues. But Google said it is bringing the updates to safeguard users against fraudulent practices and spammy attacks.

According to Google;

“Customer security and success is paramount. Due to the growing global concern around spam and phishing, we are making an effort to resolve all Google product customer questions via 1:1 communication through direct email, phone or chat.  Streamlining these channels will provide faster and more secure responses for all global customers.” 

Users will see a pinned post on Twitter and Facebook, directing them to fill out the online form, and it will also direct users to help centre pages.

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