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Google is Displaying Local Business Reviews in Carousels Format

Mohammed J
Mohammed J/December 16, 2019

Reviews are one of the best ways to improve your GMB business profile as they rank you up in local searches. Now Google is introducing an opportunity to leverage your Google reviews. Users can see reviews in a carousel format on local business profiles without having to click for more reviews.  

The update was discovered by digital marketer Aneel Badyal and confirmed by a Google spokesperson. 

“We’ve begun showing Reviews and Q&A that are relevant to the user’s query on the business profile,” said Google spokesperson 

Although business reviews appear next to your listing in maps and search, this is the first time they are arranged in a scrollable carousel format. This help users to find more reviews without having to click “see all reviews”. 

To increase visibility,  review carousel is placed between the business’ name and contact info so that users do not have to move down the screen to find more. 

Getting positive reviews from your customers has always been a helpful practice for your business, but its importance is even greater within the context of your GMB profile.

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