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Google Map Celebrates Its 15th Birthday With a Fresh Design and New Features

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/February 12, 2020

Google Map, which was rolled out all the way back in 2005, is now turning 15 years old. To celebrate the 15th birthday, the product is revamping with a new icon, new navigation tabs and new features.

The biggest change might be the icon itself – the map intersection icon is now replaced with a Google-branded pin-like design.

The map is also introducing new Navigation tabs at the bottom of the screen.

  • Explore – here, you will find information, ratings, reviews and more for about local restaurants, nearby attractions and city landmarks.
  • Commute – This tab helps you find the most efficient route by giving your real-time traffic updates, travel times and suggestions for alternative routes.
  • Saved –  you can view all your saved places, reservations and plans for an upcoming trip. Also, you can share recommendations based on places you’ve visited.
  • Contribute – with the contribute tab, you can easily share knowledge about roads, addresses, missing places, business reviews and photos.
  • Updates – This tab provides you with a feed of recent reviews and other updates for places you have visited in the past, trending locations, and recommendations from Local Guides.

More updates coming….!

Google is also introducing some predictions on details such as;

  • Temperature – for a more comfortable and smooth ride, check in advance if the temperature is considered by past riders as on the colder or warmer side.
  • Accessibility – in case of special needs or additional support, you can find public transit lines with staffed assistance, accessible entrance and seating, accessible stop-button or hi-visible LED.
  • Women’s Section: In regions where transit systems have designated women’s sections or carriages, Google Maps will help surface this information.
  • Security Onboard: Discover if security monitoring is on board—whether that’s with a security guard, installed security cameras, or an available helpline.

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