Google Optimisation Score

Google Ads Optimisation Score is Now Available for Display Campaigns

Mohammed J
Mohammed J/December 11, 2019

Google extended the optimisation score to include Display campaigns in addition to Search and shopping campaigns.

Similar to Search and Shopping, optimisation score for Display campaign ranges from 0% to 100%. Hundred percentage means your campaigns are set to perform at their full potential and no further optimisation can be made.

There are separate scores for Search, Shopping, and Display at the campaign level and one combined score at the account level. Display-specific recommendations are also now available.

About Google Ads optimisation score

It is Google’s way of showcasing how well your account is performing. It ranges from 0% to 100% and 100% meaning that your account can perform at its best depending on a number of factors such as targeting, bid automation, ads and extensions and so on.

You can also see the list of recommendations along with the score which helps you in optimising each campaign. Though the scores and accompanying recommendations are helpful to an extent, don’t trust them completely.

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