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Google Search is Rolling out a Watchlist to Save Movies and Shows

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/January 9, 2020

As new theatrical movies, trailers and Tv shows release on a daily basis, it is hard to keep track of things you’ve watched. Now Google is introducing a new watchlist feature where users can bookmark particular movies and TV shows as ‘watched’ or save it to the collection.

So how does this help?

Once the watchlist is rolled out, you can create a list of movies and shows that you want to watch. When you search for a film or TV show, you might see options labelled “watched it” and “watchlist”. If you click the first, it will turn green, and the text will change to “watched”. And, you can bookmark the show or film to a newly created watchlist by clicking the other button. This saved list can be revisited anytime you want to check out all the shows that you have missed. More clearly, this is similar to a bookmark where you can save all the shows that you want to watch but didn’t get a chance to.

For the newly released movies which are still in theatres, you will see an additional option of “Get tickets” and clicking on it reveals showtimes.

The feature is currently rolling out to mobile search in the browser and the Google app for Android and iOS. It might take a while for Google to launch this feature on all devices.

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