Google Search Console Speed Report

Google to Introduce Speed Report to All Search Console Users

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/November 7, 2019

Google finally launches highly anticipated page speed-report in search console to provide the users with fast web experience. Earlier in May, Google announced at Google I/O they are testing a new Speed Report within Google Search Console.

What is Google Search Console Page Speed Report?

Located under the Enhancement tab of search console, the speed report automatically shows webmasters an overview of their website’s speed. This is divided into mobile and desktop pages and automatically groups URLs into categories of “Fast”, “moderate” and “slow”. With the Search Console report, webmasters will be able to quickly find out the sections and URLs of their websites that may have speed performance issues. Thereby, it’s easy to diagnose and address issues that slow down the loading of pages. Along with monitoring slow and moderate pages, you can analyse the fast pages to learn more about their performance.

Google suggests using this report both for monitoring your performance over time and for tracking fixes you made to your website. If an issue is fixed, webmasters can return to the report to track whether users experienced a performance improvement when browsing the fixed version of your website.

Speed report gives SEOs and webmasters speed performance data within Google Search Console without having to go into the PageSpeed tools.

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