Google Ads Campaign Monitoring

Google Helps you Spot Campaign Change’s Impact on Ad Performance

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/February 26, 2020

Previously, it was difficult to review your change history report and reporting data in Google Ads. A new update to Google Ads make it easier to determine how campaign changes impact ad performance. 

Advertisers can quickly analyse campaign changes described in their performance charts as the data being shown on one screen. 

Suppose that one of your active campaigns had a sudden drop in conversions, now using the change history report, advertisers can click on links in the hover cards to filter the change history tables and reveal additional information. 

According to Google,

“For example, let’s say you notice a drop in conversions for one of your active campaigns. With the change history report, you can now hover over the markers in the performance chart to get more details about the changes you’ve made over a defined period.”

Advertisers will also be able to find out audience list, optimisation goal, bit change, budget change, keyword change, ad change and assets (only for App campaigns), right under the performance chart.  This enables them to recognise the type of change they need to investigate. 

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