Google Upgrade App & Web Analytics

Google to Upgrade the ‘App and Web’ Properties in Google Analytics

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/December 19, 2019

Google is making it easier to measure users’ interaction across multiple websites and apps. Earlier in July, the company announced that ‘App + Web’ properties will analyse data across its app and website all in one place. It was designed to combine app and web data for unified reporting and analysis.

With the new rollout, you will be able to measure multiple websites, do more custom analysis and obtain faster insights into your data.

Support multiple webstreams

Now ‘App and Web’ properties can support up to 50 data streams (including Firebase web apps) across apps, websites and web apps in a single property. You can see metrics aggregated across all your related apps and websites, or apply filters to analyse them individually.

More custom analysis techniques

Earlier, Google launched five techniques in ‘App + Web’ properties to do cross-platform analysis. Now two more options have been added;

Cohort analysis – It is a very powerful tool to compare engagement between groups of similar users with more metric and dimension breakdowns.

User lifetime – Helps you gain insight into the lifetime activity of a group of users based on custom dimensions you opt.

Automated and Custom insights

Automated and Custom insights are now available for web properties which were once available only for web properties.

Automated insights use machine learning to identify key trends and anomalies in your data while Custom insights give complete control to tell Analytics what metrics you’d like to be alerted about.

Instant answers with the search

You can simply ask a question in the search bar and get a quick answer across your app and web data.

Both Automated & custom insights and instant answers from search are available in ‘App + Web’ properties in English and will be available in all languages supported by Google Analytics.

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