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It’s Official! Google Rolls Out Relative Mobile Conversion Rate Metric

Mohammed J
Mohammed J/August 27, 2019

Google is introducing a conversion rate metric called the Relative Mobile Conversion Rate. Rel mCvR is a ratio of desktop versus mobile conversion rates that offers an accurate reflection of conversion rates over time. 

 According to Google:

“As more and more of your customers are using mobile devices, you need to ensure your mobile conversion rate is keeping up, and maintain your revenue.

…The high traffic share for mobile, with lower conversion rates, will show your stakeholders that there is a gap the company will need to bridge by improving the mobile site.”

So what’s a good target?

Lina Hansson, a conversion specialist at Google suggested starting with a Relative Mobile Conversion Rate of above 50 %. She then encouraged marketers to raise it to 70 % relative conversion rate between mobile and desktop. 

This is how she explained it:

“I would recommend that you set a target for your Rel mCvR when you start working with site speed and conversion rate optimization. Make sure you’re above 50% now – and then start going after 70% within 2019.”

Desktop/Mobile – which converts better?

Though people are happy to browse on mobile, conversion rates are still lower. Google says this happens because a greater percentage of mobile users are still in the research phase.

A step by step by guide on Rel mCvR

  • Check out for any events or changes that are exclusive to the desktop site – they can skew your relative conversion rate results. If you find any such changes, then omit the affected period to get accurate measurements. 


  1. Also, technical changes that affected the desktop version can skew the Relative Conversion Rate. You will then see the mobile conversion rate experiencing a higher rate of improvement. 
  2. Instead of tracking your data every day, go for weekly analysis to get a better overall view. 

Physical stores may never reach 100 % parity with mobile and desktop versions of the website because a greater percentage of mobile users are in the research phase.

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