LinkedIn is now ready with advanced lead generation tools

LinkedIn is now ready with advanced lead generation tools

Savan Francis
Savan Francis/July 23, 2019

LinkedIn is taking the world by storm thanks to its powerful tools that help the pages to drive leads. In digital marketing aspects, lead generation is essential as this leads to a higher conversion rate and establish your business. 

With the introduction of some effective call to action tools, LinkedIn is aiming to create new ways to generate leads. 

CTA options like Contact us, Learn more, Register, Sign up, Visit Website will drive leads effectively.  Page admins can measure the results from the CTA button by accessing the new analytics dashboards. Also, admins can view the click-through analytics of their custom CTA buttons either in the page admin home dashboard or at the top of the visitor analytics tab. 

Additionally, Linkedin is introducing two more features to the page – communities hashtag and mobile admin editing. 

You can connect your page with relevant hashtags using the communities feature in the admin centre. Thus, you can engage directly with LinkedIn members through the hashtag content feed. 

Also, the company allows the admins to update key page details, and edit already published posts their your mobile device. 

Both Communities hashtags and custom CTA buttons are available on desktop only. 

LinkedIn hopes these new updates would change the lead generation strategy.

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