Linkedin Updates on Covid19

LinkedIn Provides Tips on What to Post During COVID-19 Lockdowns

Mohammed J
Mohammed J/March 30, 2020

Amid coronavirus lockdown, social media engagement is increasing at a fast rate. People are using social media platforms to discuss remote working, social distancing, crisis management, the business community, online learning, collaboration and more.  In light of this, LinkedIn has shared some tips on how businesses can make the best use of its platform to better connect and engage with their networks.

Here are the LinkedIn’s four key tips;

1. Post about your experience

LinkedIn suggests sharing your own personal experience as it can inspire and help others. For instance, your next post can be like “what really helped me?” You can post this like a conversation you would have with a colleague or friend. Share your experience with your new mode of work life. If you had a video call that would have otherwise been an in-person conversation, share those insights too. Simply posting a question, like — “how do I boost team morale?” — is also a great way to get the insights you need, surface other points of view you hadn’t considered, help others and forge new connections.

2. Discover and comment on conversations that are most relevant to you

In addition to sharing your own experience, find information and conversations on topics that are interesting to you and share your insights on them. Searching hashtags is a quick way to do this. If you recently discovered a video conferencing hack that helped your team have more efficient meetings, search #videoconference and comment on posts with your advice. You can follow and join conversations for topics on LinkedIn by simply searching for a hashtag and hitting “follow.”

3. Be yourself and offer your unique perspective

LinkedIn says that not everything you share on the platform has to be about work. Some of the successful posts come from professionals who discuss lessons they have learned in their personnel lives, showing appreciation for their team, sharing words of encouragement, or spreading kindness. Likewise, if you want to admire a manager or coworker about the great work they’re doing, express your gratitude towards them. That’s not all! You can even approach your network for tips if you are having a hard time adapting to your new routine.

When posting on LinkedIn, don’t overthink it. “The key is to be genuine, which makes you more approachable and better reflects who you really are,”  LinkedIn says.

4. Stay informed with trusted news and share your thoughts

At the moment, people are looking for up-to-date and genuine information. Following the latest news and simply sharing articles to your feed is another great way to foster the engagement in your LinkedIn community.  LinkedIn’s team of editors are bringing members trusted news featuring reliable updates from experts including the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are people who have been through the challenges you’re facing now and some might have overcome it. So don’t hesitate to ask your community for help when you need it.  Doing so can spark conversations around important topics, provide critical information to people who need it or just reinforce support that, at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

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