LinkedIn Invites to Like the Page

LinkedIn Removes ‘Invite Connections’ Feature to Follow Company Page

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/January 9, 2020

Apparently, LinkedIn’s Invite connections to follow the company page has now been removed from the platform. The company page no longer has the option to send invites to their target audience.

The Invite option, which was available a while ago, had to be disabled following negative customer feedback. The invite connections feature was re-introduced in the month of November last year.

The LinkedIn company page is a great option for brands and businesses to increase exposure where potential suppliers, employees, and distributors can find out about their products or service. The company page invite feature was a great option for page admins as they used it to grow their follower base.

The platform has introduced a few restrictions on the invite option as users account is more likely to get flooded with unnecessary invites from page admins. However, within a few weeks since the feature’s reappearance, it has now been removed by the company! LinkedIn hasn’t made any official announcements on this upgrade, so hopefully, it will relaunch the option soon.

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