Linkedin Sales Navigator Getting Smarter

Linkedin Sales Navigator is Getting Smarter with New Amazing Features

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/February 17, 2020

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has helped many sales professionals to narrow their search and find out the ideal customer profile, build the perfect list of customers and greatly increase the chances of conversion. Now the platform is introducing several new features for Sales Navigator. Using these new features, you can make it easier to add leads from the sales prospecting platform to salesforce, share content within a Sales Navigator account, get alerts when a company account shows signs of growth and more. Let’s dive in detail;

Efficiently add leads to Salesforce – this feature allows users to enter publicly available lead information into salesforce, without having to switch between the two platforms. Duplicate contacts will be removed to avoid multiple entries for the same lead.

Company growth alerts – A new alert is generated when there is an increase in the number of job postings by a saved account. It indicates that the company is preparing for growth and sales organisation can continue with this account.

Smart Links content sharing feature –  the platforms says the ‘smart link’ is an evolution of their ‘’PointDrive” feature. A Smark Link feature allows you to quickly and easily package and share content within your Sales Navigator workflow. Also, it helps to track viewing behaviour and gain insights into who is engaging with the content.

New search and reporting features:

LinkedIn is rolling out two new Sales Navigator search features;

Save account searches –  You will be automatically updated any time a new account meets your search criteria.

Share lead searches – Once you identify the perfect lead search query, you can now share that search with other teammates with a Sales Navigator contract.

You can opt-out of activity in your personal Sales Navigator settings, deleting metrics like days active, searches performed and profile views.

“ Also, this quarter, we’re excited to offer all of the refreshed Usage Reporting features that we announced last quarter —  new navigation, metrics, and data filters — to our Team customers, giving their administrators a clearer view into sales reps’ behaviours on Sales Navigator,” said LinkedIn. 

Hopefully, the new updates can create an efficient workflow and streamline tasks effectively.

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