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Microsoft Redesigns its Advertising Interface

Savan Francis
Savan Francis/October 29, 2019

Microsoft announced that it has redesigned the Microsoft Advertising interface in an attempt to give marketers an easier means of managing their ad campaigns. The new rollout is aimed at functioning in better alignment with Google Ads introduced a year ago. 

The Microsoft team has been working on a series of changes to modernise the look, feel and functionality of its product. The fundamental goal of these changes is to help you more easily and intuitively manage the ads on one of the world’s leading advertising platforms. 

What’s new in Microsoft advertising?

In the Microsoft Advertising redesign, you will find everything you need to accomplish your advertising goals in the right place.  Below are the major changes made:

  • There will be a global menu bar that appears on top of every page. You can use the global menu to switch accounts, quickly access tools and settings like ad preview, shared library, conversion tracking, Google import and more. Use the search box to quickly find a page or tool. 
  • Use the main menu on the far left to allow quick and easy access to your campaigns. The main menu will let advertisers search in specific campaign types and ad groups. 
  • A new accounts tab: Accounts and Billing is no more. The new accounts tab is now your centralised hub to manage all your accounts. 
  • An updated dropdown gear menu: The menu is for quick and easy access to your billing and account access settings.  

Hopefully, the redesign will bring about a lot of similarities between Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads interfaces. The Closer it is to Google Ads user experience, the more likely the advertisers will use it.

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