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Microsoft’s Responsive Search Ads Now Available Globally

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/January 15, 2020

Advertisers can now start using responsive search ads in their Microsoft advertising accounts. Back in September 2019, the company introduced the beta version of Responsive search ads for testing and now it’s open for all advertisers to try out. 

Why are responsive search ads more successful?

Creating a perfect ad copy is challenging as well as a tedious process. Also, targeting your customers with the right message at the right time is very important to achieve your performance goals. Testing thousands of ad copies to create the perfect one demands a lot of money and effort and that’s where responsive search ads. 

Responsive search ads automatically adjust themselves according to the search query. Advertisers can test thousands of combinations of headlines and descriptions without creating multiple campaigns. 

Advertisers can provide up to 15 headlines, and 4 descriptions and Microsoft will create and match the most optimal combinations to create effective ads for your potential customers.  You can do this through the web interface, Editor, the bulk API or you can import existing RSAs from your Google Ads campaigns. The ads are served dynamically in combinations of up to three titles and two descriptions. You can even prioritise pins if you want to show only some specific headlines and descriptions.  

Not only can this improve ad performance, but it can also show relevant insights into what your target audience is most receptive to.

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