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Now save all your Instagram content in the stories Camera for seven days

Ross Crawford
Ross Crawford/July 23, 2019

Instagram’s latest tweak to the user platform will surely sit well with storytellers. The new update allows users to keep their stories on display in story camera for an incredible seven days. As you can see the tweet below, Instagram has rolled out this awesome update with the express intention of giving users more options to be creative with content curation.

Now take as many photos and videos as you wish, and more importantly post them at your convenience. With the much-anticipated feature, users have the luxury of selecting from their favourite captured stories. It’s worth noting that this will be an real upgrade for user-experience, which is something that has often come under attack. Now Instagram will finally let users capture and showcase real experiences. It’s good news for brands too, as the new option will enable them to take tons of photo/video content, make necessary edits and then post them as favourite stories later on.

Although it remains to be seen when the change will completely be rolled out for users, things are looking really promising for users. Of course, it may look like a minor change in the grand scheme of things, but it’s definitely something worth talking about.

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