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Quora Announces Two Advanced Features to Better Measure and Attribute Conversions

Mohammed J
Mohammed J/February 11, 2020

Quora is bringing two new features in its ad platform: Advanced Match and Conversion Windows. This update provides advertisers with the opportunity to measure and attribute conversions more accurately.

Advanced Match

This new tool helps to better understand the effectiveness of your Quora Ads. Advertisers can change Quora Pixel code to passback secure, hashed emails to match more website conversions to their Quora Ads. A major advantage is that advertisers will be able to better follow conversion actions across different platforms when there is no tracking cookie present. By matching more conversions, Advanced Match can reduce your cost per conversion and you will get more data to better optimise your campaigns.

“During the beta, a renters and home insurance company saw a 24% incremental lift in conversions after installing Advanced Match” said the company. 

Conversion window

Conversion window provides business with a clear understanding of their customer journey. Advertisers can specify click-through and view-through windows and analyse performance metrics reported in Ads Manager. The amount of time after an ad interaction on Quora that a conversion can be counted either as a 1-90 day click-through or 1-30 day view-through. If you choose not to change your windows, Quora’s existing defaults of 28-day click-through, 1-day view-through will apply.

According to Quora;

“We recommend considering your sales cycle when setting your conversion windows. If you have a longer consideration process, think about using longer attribution windows. If your conversion is a quick decision, consider using shorter windows”

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