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Twitter Now Lets Users Post iOS Live Photos As GIFs

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/December 16, 2019

Twitter is now letting iPhone users upload iOS live photos as GIFs on the platform. Live photos are one of Apple’s signature camera options on iOS, which makes this update exclusive to the iPhone platform.

With live photos, your iPhone records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture.

Previously,  when you posted a live photo on Twitter, it was there as a still photo as opposed to a GIF file. You could use an app to convert that live photo into a GIF and post that new GIF on its own. Twitter has announced that it can post live photos as GIFs directly on the platform.

“Give the gift of GIFs. You can now upload your iOS Live Photos as GIFs anywhere you upload photos on Twitter,” said Twitter in a post.

How to post live photos as GIFs?

Step 1: Open Twitter app

Step 2: Select a Live Photo from your phone’s photo album

Step 3: Tap on the GIF button on the lower-left corner of the photo.

Step 4: The photo is automatically converted into a GIF

All set to go!

Adding movements to an image can give a little more fun and life to the posts users upload on Twitter. However, Android users are upset as there have been no reports from the company as to whether the same feature will be rolled out for android.

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