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Twitter’s New Update Let Users to Both Retweet and Retweet with Comment on the Same Tweet

Ross Crawford
Ross Crawford/July 25, 2019

Twitter officially announced a new feature that allows users to Retweet and Retweet with a comment on the same tweet. Previously, Twitter will not send any notifications if your tweet has been re-shared by other users who’ve embedded their context. With the updated feature, sharing a tweet may now notify that person while users can add their own remarks. This will help users to maintain a connection with the original tweeter.

Could the twitter upgrade lead to overuse?

However, this update can be overused by people as they like and retweet their content to drive maximum engagement. But, retweeting same tweets feel like repeating the same joke over and over, No problem, you can stop following those accounts if you find it annoying. But if you want to maximise the reach of a message, you can retweet the original content, then add your thoughts on the next retweet.

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