Wordpress Auto Update

WordPress Announces Auto-updates Feature for Themes and Plugins

Nithin David
Nithin David/March 20, 2020

In an effort to manage the security concerns, the WordPress development team is working on introducing an auto-update feature to themes and plugins. For now, this auto-update feature is only available for the WordPress CMS core. 

WordPress is the most widely used website building technology on the Internet. According to the most recent statistics, more than 35% of all internet websites run on versions of the WordPress CMS. Due to the number of active installations, WordPress is vulnerable to massive attacks waged by hackers. Many of the attacks were targeted on patched plugins and themes. 

So the developer team is working on adding an auto-update mechanism to themes and plugins, a common source of website hacks as site owners usually install themes and plugins and then forget to update them. 

When WordPress 5.5 is installed with auto-update, you can install plugins and leave it as such and you are still safe as the plugins will be updated automatically.   

The team started working on this functionality a few months ago. Currently, the auto-update feature is already installed for plugins and work is in progress to extend it to  WordPress’ themes feature. Hopefully, auto-updating feature for themes and plugins will be rolled out with the 5.5 version of WordPress.

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