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YouTube Announced a Significant Redesign in its Desktop Layout

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/November 12, 2019

YouTube is rolling out a fresh home page experience on Desktop, Tablet and iPad. The goal is to give visitors more information about a video from a quick glance rather than asking them to click to learn more.

Here’s an overview of what’s included in the new design;

  • In the updated design, there are fewer videos per row, longer video titles and larger video thumbnails, which makes it easier to understand what the video is about.
  • As part of the makeover, some content shelves are removed. But you can still find breaking news, music mixes and more
  • It’s also allowing higher resolution video previews and adding channel icons beneath each video, making it easier to see your favourite creators and content you love.
  • ‘Add to Queue’ option – You can select a handful of videos to watch next without interrupting the video you’re currently watching. Videos in your queue won’t save after you’ve closed your browser, but you can always save videos to your permanent “Watch Later” playlist.
  • “Don’t recommend channel” – You can tell them to stop suggesting video recommendation from a particular channel.  You may still be able to find these videos if you search for them, or visit the channel page or Trending tab (This is done by clicking on the three-dot menu next to a video on the homepage, then selected “don’t recommend channel).
  • Lastly, the update lets you select your favourite topics and customise your home feed with related videos.

The updated design has been rolled out across desktops, as well as the tablet version of YouTube’s Android and iOS apps. It will be available to everyone soon.

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