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News Updates

Google Incognito

Google to Step Up its Privacy by Closing Chrome Incognito Mode Loophole

By Savan Francis | 22nd July 2019

Google doesn’t intend to alienate both parties. Google announced that it is closing chrome Incognito Mode loophole as a part of improving privacy. The publishers use the loophole to track the users who are browsing in incognito mode. They can force the users to log in to their website, get back to normal browsing mode…

Pinterest Marketing

New Pinterest Tools Encourage Businesses to Upload More Videos

By Savan Francis | 17th July 2019

Pinterest is releasing a new set of video uploading tools to help creators and brands capturing viewers attention. Pinterest reported that there is a 31 per cent rise in searches for ‘inspirational videos’ since last year. And they have also found a high per cent of users are looking to action by videos, brand stories…

Twitter Arthouse

Twitter Announces ArtHouse to Improve Brands Content

By Ross Crawford | 16th July 2019

Twitter is rolling out a single platform named ‘Twitter ArtHouse’ to link brands with creators and influencers. This new initiative integrates creator management, video editing, and live broadcasting under an umbrella. The ArtHouse team includes content strategists, digital producers and influencer marketing specialists for offering video editing and live broadcasting services. The company helps creators…

Facebook Algorithm Update

Facebook to Demote Misguiding Health Claims with the new “News Feed Algorithm.”

By Ross Crawford | 15th July 2019

Facebook has updated its news feed algorithm to downrank the content that spreads false and misleading health claims. Over the last few months, the company has come under fire for promoting deceptive and confusing remedies that could severely affect people. As a result, two ranking updates have rolled out to bring down posts with exaggerated…

Google News feed

Google Unveils a New Design for the ‘News Tab’ in the Desktop Search

By Savan Francis | 12th July 2019

Google has introduced a makeover for News Tab in search on desktop. The new design can already be seen on the desktop, which is introduced as a test. It appears that everyone has access to the updated design. Earlier reports state that the new News tab showcase stories in a card-based layout instead of a…

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is now ready with advanced lead generation tools

By Ross Crawford | 2nd July 2019

LinkedIn is taking the world by storm thanks to its powerful tools that help the pages to drive leads. In digital marketing aspects, lead generation is essential as this leads to a higher conversion rate and establish your business.  With the introduction of some effective call to action tools, LinkedIn is aiming to create new…

Instagram Stories

Now save all your Instagram content in the stories Camera for seven days

By Ross Crawford | 1st July 2019

Instagram’s latest tweak to the user platform will surely sit well with storytellers. The new update allows users to keep their stories on display in story camera for an incredible seven days. As you can see the tweet below, Instagram has rolled out this awesome update with the express intention of giving users more options…