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Make The Most Of Your Quarantine Time With These Online Learning Platforms

Savan Francis
Savan Francis/July 22, 2020

The business world has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, forcing millions of employees to now work from home for what looks like an indefinite period of time. We have all been forced to adapt to a life of quarantine. But it isn’t all gloom and doom. Being stuck at home with work for months can have its own benefits. Really?

Yeah, absolutely, instead of letting this setback derail their careers, many ambitious employees are using the quarantine time to learn new skills and add to their learning curve. Be it reading a popular sales book, learning a programming language or improving your marketing knowledge. The Internet is loaded with online learning platforms where you can pick up new skills. We have compiled some here of the most popular learning platforms you should check out while in quarantine.


If you are someone with a diverse range of interests, Udemy is the place to be. It’s one of the most popular platforms in the world and is used by millions of users. Offering a broad range of courses at a reasonable price, Udemy has got learning material for almost everything under the sun, from marketing, finance, economics, arts to science and technology. The platform lets you select a topic based on your interests. The flexibility of the learning platform makes sure that you are always able to make decisions on whether to continue a course or not. The user-friendly platform has come out with a number of free courses for you to try out during this quarantine period. You’ve got every reason to check it out.

Now here’s a tip for a better learning experience, while browsing for courses on Udemy, you may want to pick up courses based on the good reviews and ratings they’ve received. Udemy has got special offers for business owners who can use a business account to access many courses for all their team members.


From programming, writing classes, painting to marketing and entrepreneurship, you name it, Skillshare has got everything you will ever need to satiate your thirst for knowledge. This learning platform is also known for offering a wide array of technical subjects. If Udemy only allows its users to access courses they pay for separately, Skillshare by contrast lets its users explore a broad range of courses based on a monthly or yearly subscription model. That’s right, with all the time you have on your hands, you will have fun choosing from the whole collection of courses.

Skillshare is the place to be when you want to lay back and have good time training and picking up new skills. However, if you want to get certified and add to your professional badges, you should check out some other platforms, which we will list here.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is a platform where millions spend thousands of hours to better their career prospects. If you’re an active LinkedIn user, chances are that you’re a premium subscriber with access to tones of online courses. LinkedIn created these courses to help improve your skillset and ensure career growth. All the courses are created by industry professionals and are available for users at different stages of their learning curve. From short materials to beginner, intermediate and expert level, these courses are specifically designed to meet your varying needs. The platform also fast tracks your skill acquisition process through techniques like learning paths.

The best part about using LinkedIn learning is that upon course completion, you can earn professional certification which you can showcase on your resume. These certifications will give you the edge over those who don’t possess them.

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While many Coursera courses are accessible completely free of charge, you’ll still have to pay if you want to receive the official credential. On a personal note, I think that’s totally worth it!

No learning platform out there offers as much value to its users as Coursera. By collaborating with some of the most prestigious universities around the globe, Coursera produces world-class learning courses. Because Coursera is affiliated with prominent universities, upon completion of their respective courses, learners will be certified by the universities. You can find many free courses on the Coursea learning platform. However, if you want to get the official certification from affiliated universities, you will have to pay. Be that as it is, these certificates are well worth your time and money, and will significantly increase your employability.

While coursera is certainly one of the most professional learning platforms, which will give you a return on investment, as you know you need to make a payment to get the certificates, and you’re supposed to follow a timeframe for learning the course. You need to make sure that the course is completed before the deadline.


Arguably the Uk’s most popular learning app, FutureLearn is gaining popularity around the world, thanks to its diverse collection of online courses and free certification programs, made available on desktop, phones and tablets. The learning platform is founded by the renowned Open university. FutureLearn focuses on helping learners everywhere to learn from the best tutors. In addition to connecting knowledge hungry learners with professionally qualified tutors, FutureLearn promotes the community aspect of online education, opening up chances for students to engage in productive discussions and collaboration. You can sign up on this platform free of charge and choose from a wide range of topics including digital marketing, programming, psychology and politics. Now before you get started, you must note that you need to pay a certain amount for receiving a certificate at the end of your course. Making the payment will also allow you to download the course materials.

As far as the quality and affordability are concerned, FutureLearn has no match out there. With lots of courses readily available free of cost, the Uk-based platform is the favourite of thousands around the globe. If you’re looking for ways to learn new skills online as opposed to getting certificates from an institution, you should look no further than FutureLearn.

Whether you want to learn a quick course to improve career prospects or learn language programming to earn some extra bucks, these online learning platforms will help you achieve just that. With the many learning options and lots of time on your hands, you can simply choose a topic, plug in your headphones and prepare yourself for the digital age.

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