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10 Best Online Reputation Management Tools to Grow Your Business

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/January 10, 2020

If you own a business, you can’t ignore the information that appears online about you and your business.

Online reputation is the sum total of your online presence, the content you share, your social media presence, website, reviews and testimonials. What you put out online can make or break you!

Now it’s possible for people to easily obtain the vast amount of data that is publicly available. Hence, it isn’t all that shocking that a bad online reputation can result in the decline of your positive brand image.

Customers do not hesitate to post what they feel about your business. The sad truth is that some competitors can also use online forums to create nightmares for you. Usually what appears on the internet stays there forever. 4 out of 5 customers go against a recommended purchase based on negative feedback they found online. If your reputation is left unmanaged, the business may result in a loss of credibility. And all those millions spent on the brand building will be in vain.

It is necessary for brands to monitor and manage the online reputation by building trust around the business. But online reputation management demands lots of time and effort to be smart. That’s where online reputation management tools can help your brand succeed both socially and in business.

Here are 10 tools that can help you monitor your online reputation.


With Radian6, you can manage and monitor brand reputation across different online platforms. One of the incredible advantages of this tool is that it helps you connect with your target audiences across different stages. It also facilitates brand engagement, tracks user conversion and gets an accurate estimate of user sentiments on social channels.

Being a paid tool, a wide range of additional features can benefit even the small businesses that require large-scale monitoring. The tool provides an Excel add-on, real-time dashboards, engagement console, salesforce chatter support and online conversion management. A free trial is also available to clients.


BuzzSumoBuzzSumo is a powerful Online Reputation Management (ORM) tool that allows you to find out what content is popular by topic or on any website. You can leverage BuzzSumo’s data to monitor the most happening content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Filters like Date, country, domain, language, content type and word count can be applied to obtain certain specific information.

You can create alerts in BuzzSumo to track brand mentions, competitor mentions, content from a website, keyword mentions, backlinks and an author. BuzzSumo offers a solid free version with limited access to content analysis and many plans exist if you want to upgrade from the free version.


Boasting several features to monitor your brand online, Trackur calls itself the “broadest social media monitoring” tool. This is a great option for the business to analyse social media channels, news sites, web journals, discussions, blogs and media sharing destinations. When your brand is mentioned, the Trackur offers instant notifications.

The pricing structure of Trackur ORM Tool is adaptable as it is directly proportional to your use to address the necessities of both individual and enterprise clients. It comes with both paid and 10 free trails to benefit from according to your requirements.


UberVu is a highly recommended social media monitoring tool for marketing professionals to enhance their brand reputation. The tool analyses all your brand’s social media data to give insights on influencers, stories and trends.

It is a paid online reputation management tool and is easy to set up and use. The premium tool possesses advanced features like easy engagement, real-time data harvesting and direct social media management. It even gives a free trial to its clients.

Review trackers

If you are actively checking your business reputation, the Review tracker can provide you with useful information about how your business performs online.   This tool, which can track customer reviews across various sites and sources, is one of the best ways to measure customer experience.

You can manage the reputation of your business from every location, acquire your business reviews published in various review sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, OpenTable and many other websites that are readily available for customer access. After collecting all your reviews, the tool sends an email report to keep you updated.


Mention helps brands to monitor social media and alert you each time someone specifies your name, image or target keywords. Mention mainly supports enterprises and agencies though it has plans for individuals and small businesses. The tool lets you monitor over 1 billion sources daily including social media, forums, blogs and the rest of the web.

Among the top ORM features of Mention are handy influencer Dashboard, customisable API and useful insights centre. By setting up pulse alerts, you can react appropriately to either good or bad news. Mention has monthly and yearly plans.


This tool is designed for brand monitoring and management. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) technology with human intelligence to analyze and verify the accuracy of the gathered sentiments. It can effectively monitor and analyse social conversations in real-time, thanks to its integrated software and unique crowd driven approach. Alerts can be conveyed by means of email, SMS, RSS or Twitter in case of emergency. This way, the tool allows the business to become the most responsive brand on the market.

Reputation defender

One of the incredible social listening tools, Reputation defender is a pioneer in online reputation management. They do a complete analysis by mining data using all social media platforms and tools, business insights, online forums and from everywhere a business is visible online.

Top features of Reputation defender includes personal marketing machine, monitor your reputation, helps you possess your own online character, track your reputation, etc. If your business receives unfavourable reviews,  Reputation defender can help you to repair your brand image by removing flaws from your online presence.

Google Alerts

Google AlertsA comprehensive reputation monitoring tool that tells about everything about your brand online. It monitors the web for all content related to current trends, reviews, customer engagements, new insights, blogs, articles, etc.

Google alerts will be sent to your account about activity that is carried out personally or for a business to understand your status in the online community. This will make it easier for businesses to take action.


Socialmention allows you to track your business performance online by measuring what people have to say or respond to your brand. It can range from a company name to a particular topic, product launch or any trending topic across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc. all in real-time.

You will be updated with mentions from the last day and the way it impacts your brand by translating the sentiments into positive, negative, and neutral mentions. It also lists your top keywords, hashtags, users and sources.

So don’t shoot in the dark….!

It’s quite natural that everyone has an embarrassing story tucked away about that one time they really messed things up.  Without access to the online reputation management tools, you’re shooting in the dark when it comes to your social reputation management.

The 10 tools above will help you take charge of your brand’s online reputation management. Whichever platform you choose, don’t expect them to do all the work for you. So ask yourself: which ORM tool works best for my business?

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