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Digital Marketing Strategy

If you want your business to leave so much as a scratch in the ever-changing digital landscape, you should put in place an effective marketing strategy to attain your business goals. However, most websites continue to simply go along with ill-defined strategies that will turn into a total dud. Digital marketing strategy involves planning, reaching a relevant audience, engaging them over a specific period of time and converting them. The digital marketing strategists at Mr. Digital use their market insights and technical knowledge to formulate strategies that will optimise your online assets.

Drawing on a perfect blend of creativity and professionalism, digital marketing specialists delve into social media to identify the right opportunities and optimise your online assets in the best way imaginable. The first step to building a marketing strategy is to define your underlying goals and audience with precision. Having helped many brands realise their true potential by executing tailor-made marketing solutions, the experienced strategists produce tangible results.

Market Research
Competitor Research
Marketing Audit
Strategy Development

The Process


Understand The Industry

We start by understanding your industry and your audience so we can start to shape the strategy.


Monitor The Competiton

Next, we check out your competitors and carry out a competitor analysis to see what we can learn from them; what are they doing well and what are the missed opportunities.


Review The Current Strategy

Once our research is done, we review the current strategy; what's worked, what hasn't; what haven't you tried yet, etc.


Deliver a Winning Strategy

Finally, we create and deliver a winning digital marketing strategy.


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It's important to have an effective digital marketing strategy in place or you could be throwing money away. It's very easy to spend money on marketing and not get a return, that's where a strategy with clear goals can help. A clear digital marketing strategy will help you understand your ROI and set clear expectations.

You would expect a digital marketing strategy to cover many things including your target audience, a pricing and promotion structure, core messaging and benefits, a content plan, as well as clear goals, metrics to measure and a team plan. Different companies like to include different things; we like to keep it simple but cover off the essentials, as we like to ensure we regularly check-in on our digital marketing strategies to ensure we are held accountable and that everything is on track.

There are lots of free marketing strategy templates available to download online, or you could use the service so a marketing agency like us to create and deliver it for you.

There is no end-point for a marketing strategy. It should be an ever-evolving strategy and change regularly as the industry changes, buyer behaviours change and your business focuses change.

The strategy is often managed by the owner, marketing manager/director or even the agency if you have them acting as an outsourced marketing team. The main thing here is to have a person who is ultimately accountable to deliver the strategy.

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