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Lead Generation

What’s the best digital strategy for generating new business? To be honest, there’s not a single strategy that works best for EVERY business. Before we can recommend a digital marketing strategy to a client, we must first immerse ourselves in their business to understand their goals, target market and services/products.

There is a sales and marketing process that is proven to be very effective across a lot of businesses online.

If you’re looking for new sales and want help generating leads, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to have a free 20-minute consultation to explore the best options available for you.

Content Creation
Sales Funnels
Online Advertising
Email Automation

The Process


Provide Value

We start by researching, writing and designing a range of content magnets, such as eBooks, checklists, guides, infographics, etc that position you are the leader of your industry.


Attract Your Target Audience

Next, we set up online advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your sales funnel campaign; Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads are all very effective, hardly targeted online advertising platforms.


Position You As The Expert

Once your campaigns are set up, we develop a custom-built sales funnel and use the lead magnet to get potential prospects to give their data (name, phone and email) in return for the content.


Nurture Your Leads

Finally, we set up email marketing automation campaigns so we can drop your leads straight into a mailing list from the sales funnel. Your mailing list should have a pre-defined marketing automation campaign setup, which will nurture your leads until they are ready to buy from you. We work with many marketing automation platforms, including but not limited to, Infusionsoft, MailChimp and Zoho Campaigns.


Our Projects



A lead generation campaign can include any channels, from SEO to Facebook Advertising or even email marketing. We work with our clients to understand their target audience, where there are and what messages will appeal to them, then we create a custom lead generation plan for their audiences. We often use a mix of channels and are constantly testing to see what will the best results, the fastest.

There's no fixed time period. We've seen campaigns generating ROI within 3 days and others take 12 weeks. It's all about being prepared to commit for 3-6 months and then if the results come earlier, see that as the bonus. This way you can manage your own expectations.

There is no fixed cost for a lead generation campaign. However, our experience tells us it's best to invest a minimum of £600 pm in advertising over a 3-6 month period so you're looking at an investment of around £1k-£2k per month.

The most common mistakes people make with lead generation campaigns are expecting results too quickly. Anyone who has repeatedly had success generating leads online will know that sometimes results come quickly, but most of the time they come after a 3-6 month period of constant learning and optimising. If you're serious about lead generation, you need to be willing to invest and trust in the process. As you get more data, your campaigns will become more effective, before they start generating you the volume of leads you want and then you can just scale it upwards.

Social media lead generation campaigns are one of the best methods to generate leads online. With this we can target the customers who are interested in our products and by using appropriate marketing strategies we'll be able generate leads for our business with ease.

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