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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

How are people going to find your website? Most people will start their Internet journey with Google or a similar search engine. They will type something into the search bar and a list of related results will appear. When the search term they enter is related to your business then you want your company to be on the first page of results. The way to make that happen is through Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. The content of your website must be written in such a way that it achieves a good rank in the search engines. The more closely your website is associated with a search term the nearer the top of the search results it will appear.

Mr Digital specialises in SEO, and our expertise can keep your website near the top of Google for your chosen search terms.

SEO works with our other services to provide a constant stream of fresh, original content for your website, that continually raises the profile of your website and maintains your position in the search results.

Being a leader and not a follower in the SEO arena, we are already optimising for the next big thing in SEO – voice-activated searches! According to Comscore, “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020” so we’re not hanging around to see what everyone else is doing. We’ve been running our own tests to see how voice search is different from normal search and we’ve started to build a list of best practice – just ask us about our ‘voice search optimisation’ service.

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On-Page SEO
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The Process


Audit Your Site

We start by doing an SEO audit of your site to understand how much SEO work needs to be done.


Research Your Competitors

Next, we check out your competitors and carry out an SEO competitor analysis to see what we can learn from them; what are they doing well and what are the missed opportunities.


Identify The Keywords

Once our competitor research is done, we carry out keyword research and identify the best keywords.


Create Your SEO Plan

Then, we will create your page-by-page SEO plan so we're clear on what we will be implementing before the implementation work begins.


Start Search Engine Optimisation

Finally, we launch your SEO strategy, starting with your on-page content plan.


Our Projects



SEO is a series of processes and techniques for getting a website to rank well in Google and other search engines.

SEO works by optimising different parts (also known as "factors") of a website, from page content to page speed to help influence the ranking in the search engine.

SEO is changing all of the time, and so are all the rankings. SEO is a never-ending battle as your website changes, your competitors change and the algorithm updates. We manage to stay at the forefront of Google's changes by constantly testing the ranking factors and monitoring more than 30 websites, as well as reading all the trends every day.

The best keywords to target are ones with a fairly good volume of searches each month, but with fewer competitors. This could include terms for specific products or services in a local area for example. The broader the keyword you are targeting, the harder it will be to achieve page 1 rankings, generally.

Our 90-day guarantee is based on 90-days from when the strategy implementation begins (after your approval of the strategy and access to your site is provided). If by the end of the 90-days, we have not achieved page 1 Google rankings, we will work for free until we do. Please note, this guarantee is void if our changes are overwritten/lost in any way due to the work done by your company or associating partners/suppliers.

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