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6 Time Tracking Tools to Manage Your Team while Working Remotely

Sherin Sebastian
Sherin Sebastian/April 8, 2020

As businesses of all shapes and sizes enter a period of uncertainty brought about by the COVID 19 outbreak, employees en-mass are resigning themselves to work at home. But hey, it’s not so bad, especially if you’re organised and know a thing or two about staying disciplined while working from home. Yes, remaining focused on the business side of things can be tricky, especially with all the constant commotion about the looming crisis. This is where time tracking tools can come to aid.

If you are running a business with multiple clients and tight deadlines, you know how important it is to give the exact estimate and quotes. You can’t have mere guesses or random calculation at the time of billing as it can lead to either underbilling or overbilling your clients. Having a higher degree of accuracy on work estimates, quotes, rates, project timelines and deadlines will benefit your business a lot.

Time tracking software allows you just that: it’s a tool used by managers and employees to capture the exact time spent on a particular task by an employee or a group of employees. When used effectively, they can measure your team’s performance and help them stay efficient while working remotely.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top six-time tracking tools perfect for your team and the features they offer.


Built specifically for businesses having remote teams, Hubstaff helps project managers to get the best out of their team by efficiently monitoring time. Hubstaff time tracker runs on your desktop or as a mobile app and supports operating systems like Windows, Mac, Chromebooks and Linux. Other than time tracking, the tool lets you check in on the productivity of your team with activity levels, app and URL tracking. What’s more interesting is you can see random screenshots for each member of the team to get a better understanding of how work gets done. It also supports tracking mouse movements, keyboard clicks and monitors internet and application usage, with a chart of time spent at every website/app. Advanced capabilities include automatic payroll, online timesheets, GPS and location, weekly limits, robust API, and invoicing.

When it comes to pricing, Hubstaff has a limited free plan only for solo users. Paid plan starts at $5 per user month and ranges up to $10 or $20 per user per month for more integrations, automatic payroll and other features.


It is one of the top options among the time tracking tools available out there. With Harvest, you can track time to specific clients, tasks and projects. Available in both desktop and mobile, it helps to manage the tasks and projects simultaneously. Harvest works offline meaning you and your teammates can record time even if you’re not online.

Beyond the simple time tracking, you can also track expenses and billable hours – just take a photo of the receipt, add details and hit the save button. Harvest supports several project management, accounting and finance, customer support and issue tracking, communication and CRM, productivity, contracts and proposal, developer tools, analytics and reporting, connectivity and hardware apps.

Harvest offers a free 30-day trial and lets individuals create up to 2 projects. After that, unlimited project plans cost $12 per user month.

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Mavenlink is a dedicated project management system with excellent time tracking features. It allows project managers to gain an in-depth insight into each project and task. The tool has In-app Gantt charts, resource allocation features and team collaboration features to easily organise your team members and make sure that projects are running smoothly. Additionally, Mavenlink can track employee expenses, set budgets and receive payments with minimal time and effort.  The advantage of real-time visibility helps you to control your budget and manage client expectations at a glance.

Professional plan (including a wide range of features) for Mavenlink starts at $39/user per month.

Time Doctor

Best for “Time tracking for remote teams”. Time Doctor helps you track time across the entire team. It records the total time spent on various tasks while letting team members specify break time. ‘Idle time’ is also tracked when the keyboard and mouse are not being used. More importantly, Time Doctor provides a breakdown of how much time is spent on each project, client or task. In addition to this, it has the ability to take screenshots of users’ computer screen every few minutes. Users can enable or disable screenshots feature and can also set screenshot intervals. The ease of which it integrates with some of the most powerful management platforms (Asana, Basecamp, Bitbucket) make it even more powerful.

The free plan is available for a limited period. Either you can go for a free trial or pay $9.99 per user per month for Time Doctor with advanced features.


Wrike is a leading time tracking system that gives you a great deal of extensive collaboration support and time tracking capabilities. Many leading companies, including Amazon, use it.  The tool consists of many advanced features that will make every project manager’s job pretty easy. What makes Wrike unique is its ability to mention team members, assign them to tasks and collaborate with them on an on-going basis. Main features include custom dashboards, workload systems, interactive project timelines, a real-time news feed (so you can see what tasks are being completed right now) and document sharing.

The free plan is available for up to 5 users with limited features and pricing starts at $10 per month.


ToggI is simple yet powerful time tracking software popular for functionality, ease of use and transparency. Time tracking interface is quite simple with time-saving options that let you create new projects or clients without leaving your dashboard. You can clock in or pick up where you left, with just a click- if you forgot to start the timer, ToggI will send you a reminder. It also easily filters reports so you can better understand what’s being worked on and the hours allotted for each task or project. The tool is available for the web interface, browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox), mobile apps and even a desktop app (Windows, Mac, Linux). It can integrate with over 100 apps like Trello, Slack, Xero, Asana, etc..

You can sign up free for the first 30 days. Paid plans start at $9 per user per month and range up to $49 per user per month.

In conclusion…

Discovering the right employee time tracking app will do your business a world of wonders. In these uncertain times, they will help you stay in total control of your team and more importantly, help each employee remain focused on their specific goals.

Pick from any of the tools I have listed above and you’ll save time and money. All of these tools offer either free plans or free trials, so you can try and see which works best for you and your team’s workflow!

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