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Crafting Websites That Excel: Blend Aesthetic Appeal with High Google Rankings for Superior Market Performance.

Skilled Developers

Skilled Developers

Delve into a world where expert developers craft cutting-edge websites, combining the latest technologies and industry best practices.

Quality Controlled

Quality Controlled

Assure your online presence with our meticulous quality checks, ensuring that every pixel and line of code stands up to the highest standards.

Flexible Packages

Flexible Packages

Enjoy the benefit of our flexible packages which can be tailored to your needs. Our scalable solutions align perfectly with your business goals.

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Professional Web Design Agency

At Mr Digital, we don't just create websites; we craft digital experiences. Our multi-disciplined team of web developers excels in delivering comprehensive website design, maintenance, security and hosting services. We believe web design transcends aesthetics, focusing on functionality and achieving your marketing goals. From structured sitemaps to user-friendly layouts, we ensure your website is a seamless blend of form and function, reflecting your brand ethos with precision.

WordPress Web Design: Building Dynamic Digital Experiences

As a leading WordPress Development Agency, we harness the power and flexibility of WordPress to create bespoke digital solutions. Our expertise dates back to the early 2000’s, the dawn of WordPress's revolution in online design. Today, we leverage this robust platform to build websites that are not only visually stunning but also functionally superior, catering to every industry sector.

Shopify Web Design: Elevating E-commerce Platforms

In the realm of e-commerce, Shopify stands out for its user-friendly and customisable nature. At Mr Digital, we specialise in Shopify web design, creating online stores that are not just visually appealing but also optimised for sales and user experience. Our Shopify solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your e-commerce business, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

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Why Professional Web Design Services?

Web design at Mr Digital is an all-encompassing term. We dive deep into research and development for every project, ensuring a profound understanding of your business, brand and audience. Our designs captivate and convert, creating digital spaces that are enjoyable, easy to navigate and update.

Choose Mr Digital for a web design experience that combines creativity, functionality and cutting-edge technology. Whether it's WordPress or Shopify, our team is dedicated to creating a website that not only meets but exceeds your digital aspirations.

As a WordPress Agency, we create sites that are creative, functional and engaging. Our WordPress websites are SEO-optimised and user-friendly, ensuring your site is future-proofed and easy to manage.

As certified Shopify developers, our Shopify web designs offer a streamlined e-commerce experience, with custom designs that highlight your products and enhance user engagement.

We offer bespoke WordPress Maintenance & Security Services, ensuring your website operates at its peak. Our team provides continuous improvement, expert WordPress support and time-saving solutions, all tailored to your needs and budget.

Performance is paramount in web design. We employ strategies like code optimisation, server configuration and content delivery networks to ensure your website performs flawlessly. Our use of tools like Google Pagespeed and GT Metrix guarantees your site's speed and efficiency.

Our use of WordPress or Shopify allows you to manage your website content with ease. We use their intuitive CMS solutions, enabling you to update your site from any connected device, enhancing performance and SEO.

Understanding Professional Web Design Services

Consider our web design services as the equivalent of transforming an empty shop into a bustling high street store. In the world of eCommerce, your website is your physical retail space. Just as the look and feel of a traditional shop matter, the design and functionality of your website are pivotal for customer experience.

Our web design choices range from static sites, similar to a cosy local corner shop, to Interactive/eCommerce options, more like a multi-level department store and Custom designs, a boutique specifically tailored to your clientele.

We pay attention to every pixel as if it’s a shopkeeper’s window display, aiming to draw people in. Features like an online shop function as in-store departments, guiding your customers seamlessly from browsing to the till. We also link up your website with essential systems, in the same way a retailer would synchronise stock levels with point-of-sale systems, all to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Just as stores use security measures like CCTV to deter shoplifting, we incorporate top-notch security features to keep your online shop safe. Search engine optimisation? Think of it as your shop’s sign and location, making it easy to find for those on the lookout for what you offer.

web design agency
If you can imagine it, we can design it.

Our 5-stage process for effective web design projects:

1. Research & Plan

Much like a shop owner considering locations and studying rivals, we look into what works in your sector and align it with your business goals. Equipped with this insight, we draft a plan for your online shop.

2. Track & Measure

In the same way a store manager monitors footfall and turnover, we identify which analytics we need to keep an eye on to determine your website’s performance. We also set up goals and targets that these analytics will be measured against once we execute your campaign work. This unique approach allows us to make informed decisions for ongoing tweaks.

3. Execute

We’re your shopfitters and interior designers in one. From the layout to the colour scheme and strategically placed call-to-action buttons, we organise your online shop for the best user experience.

4. Optimise

Similar to changing a shop layout for better customer flow, we carry out A/B tests to fine-tune your site. We monitor how each tweak performs and make adjustments as needed.

5. Scale

Once your online shop is trading smoothly, we look at ways to grow. Whether that means introducing new product ranges or extending to new sales channels, we help take your business up a notch.

Why You Need a Professional Web Design Agency

Understand the full potential of professional Wordpress and Shopify web design services

Imagine having a top-performing website that consistently brings in high-quality leads and increases your sales. Our team can make that a reality for you, and at a cost that may surprise you. Our track record with clients such as the Berkeley Hotel, Pamtree, and Eat Easy speaks for itself. So why not let us create a website that will have your competition envious?

Our web design services focus on providing high-quality work at an affordable price. As a result, many of our clients have saved over £1000.

 web design agency
By employing our expert developers in the tech-hub in India, we're able to offer very competitive prices without compromising on quality

Price-Match Guarantee!

We Won’t Be Beaten On Price!

We’re so confident we can provide you with the best price for our quality of work that we’ll even price-match against other web design agencies.

We’re confident you won’t find another web design agency with our experience or level of expertise that can compete against our price that we offer this!

Our Infinity-5 Framework

Our proven framework enables us to guarantee success with web design projects.

infinity 5 framework
  • 1

    Research & Plan

    We start by understanding your objectives and researching your competitors and other sites you admire for proven strategies. Then we work with you to create a project plan and brief.

  • 2

    Track & Measure

    We make sure the site will be tracking all of the important business metrics so you can measure the success of your new site.

  • 3


    Once the brief is approved, we start the design of the site. Once the design is approved, we go into the development stage.

  • 4


    Once the site is built, we optimise it for the leading devices and browsers. We do this one page at a time to ensure compatibility. We also optimise for SEO best practice.

  • 5


    Once we are happy with the optimisation, we repeat this process for every page on the site, before getting it approved and pushing it live.

Web Design Project Success Stories

Elevate your online presence with captivating and user-friendly web design solutions. Check out our real-life success stories where we’ve helped businesses quickly boost their online visibility, attract quality leads, and achieve remarkable success with our Web Design services.

For instance, we helped a client revamp their website design, within just a two-week window, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. In another instance, one of our clients saw over a 200% increase in organic traffic after a website redesign, amongst other efforts we made. Uncover the other Web Design strategies, tactics, and results that have set us apart as the go-to agency for transforming digital experiences and delivering measurable, real-world outcomes.

mr digital project diamond property finance

Diamond Property Finance

Website updated within 3 weeks and under £3,000.

mr digital project onu


50,000+ products imported to Shopify.

mr digital project householder club

The Householder Club

Achieved a £6.53 user registration cost.

mr digital project merinal


Shopify Migration led to Increased website conversion.

mr digital project smoko


A 233% organic traffic boost in 4 months.

mr digital project cgi

CGI Builder

Accelerated online platform development using WordPress and Adobe XD.

mr digital project kuna films

Kuna Films

Generated high-quality leads worth £10,000+.

mr digital project pamtree


Bespoke CRM system development with a focus on sales funnel and email marketing.

mr digital project good life gymnastics

Good Life Gymnastics

Generated leads at £12.29 via Facebook Ads.

mr digital project cert

CERT Property

1,400+ leads from social media ads with a 1.27% CTR.

mr digital project enforcement companies in the UK

One of London’s Largest Enforcement Companies

50 leads at £12.38 each in one month from a Facebook campaign.

mr digital project berkeley

The Berkeley Hotel

Created a new site during the pandemic in under 2 weeks.

Web Design Service Deliverables

Flexible hourly-rate pricing tailored for you, based on your requirements.

  • Full Website Brief: We’ll create a detailed plan for your website.
  • Number of Pages: We’ll design and build a specified number of pages for your website.
  • Estimated Project Timeline: We’ll provide an estimated timeline for the project.
  • Designs: We'll create custom designs for your website.
  • Design Revisions: We'll revise the designs based on your feedback.
  • Copywriting: We'll write the text for your website.
  • Stock Image Usage: We'll use stock images on your website.
  • Videos: We'll add videos to your website if needed.
  • Blog Included: We'll add a blog to your website.
  • Logo Design Included: We'll design a logo for your website.
  • Website Build: We'll construct your website based on the approved designs.
  • eCommerce: We'll set up an online store on your website if needed.
  • Payment Integrations: We'll integrate payment methods into your online store.
  • CRM Integration: We'll connect your website to your CRM system.
  • Email Marketing Integration: We'll connect your website to your email marketing platform.
  • Other Integrations: We'll integrate other tools or platforms into your website as needed.
  • Tracking Setup: We'll set up tools to track user behaviour on your website.
  • Hosting: We'll arrange for your website to be hosted on a server.
  • Server Setup: We'll set up the server where your website will be hosted.
  • Domain Name: We'll help you choose and register a domain name for your website.
  • Security Measures: We'll implement security measures to protect your website.
  • Testing: We'll test your website to ensure it works properly.
  • SEO Build: We'll build your website in a way that's optimised for search engines.
  • SEO Meta-Data Population: We'll add meta-data to improve its search engine ranking.
  • SEO Alt Tag Population: We'll add alt tags to images for better SEO.
  • SEO Plan & Advanced Implementation: We'll create and implement an advanced SEO plan for your website.
  • Legal Terms: We'll help you add the necessary legal terms to your website.

Web Service Plans

Explore our Web Design service plans. We offer flexible pricing tailored for you, based on your requirements. Our plans range from Static Site, Interactive / eCommerce to Custom, each offering a different level of service to meet your specific needs.

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Included Hours
Pages Included
1 page + thank you page
Up to 20 pages
Up to 20 pages
Agreed in scope
Agreed in scope
Discovery & research
Competitor Research
Functional Scope
Top-level deliverables
Top-level deliverables
Top-level deliverables
Detailed scoping document
Detailed scoping document
Bespoke Project Plan
Build Type
Customised Theme
Custom Build
Custom Strategy
Campaign Setup
Adobe Stock Image Library
Up to 6 images
Up to 20 images
Up to 20 images
Up to 40 images
Up to 80 images
Agreed in scope
Agreed in scope
No (WooCommerce can be installed at an additional cost)
Agreed in scope
Custom Designs + Wireframes
Forms, Images, Carousels, Videos, Social Media Icons, FAQs, Reviews, Case Studies
Forms, Gallery, Images, Carousels, Videos, Social Media Icons, FAQs, Projects, Reviews, Case Studies, Blog
Forms, Gallery, Images, Carousels, Videos, Social Media Icons, FAQs, Projects, Reviews, Case Studies, Blog
Products, Forms, Gallery, Images, Carousels, Videos, Social Media Icons, FAQs, Projects, Reviews, Case Studies, Blog, Customer Registration and Login
Agreed in scope
Custom Functionality
Agreed in scope
Agreed in scope
Adobe Stock Image Library
Up to 4 images
Up to 20 images
Up to 20 images
Up to 50 images
Agreed in scope
CRM Integration
Agreed in scope
Agreed in scope
Agreed in scope
Agreed in scope
Agreed in scope
Device Optimisation
Browser Optimisation
Deployment and Launch
Post-Live Internal Testing
Training Videos + Handover Document
Yes - but no training videos
Analytics Tracking Installed
Project Timeframe
1-2 weeks
1-3 weeks
4-8 weeks
12-26 weeks
Agreed in scope
Additional fee (if required)
Additional fee (if required)
Additional fee (if required)
Additional fee (if required)
Additional fee (if required)
Hosting and maintenance
Packages available
Packages available
Packages available
Packages available
Packages available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team works on various platforms, but we have particular expertise in WordPress. We offer two options: templated WordPress websites for those with budget constraints, and custom-built websites for those seeking a polished, professional look.

Our team of web developers are highly skilled in various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, ReactJS and React Native. We are capable of creating websites, mobile applications and booking systems.

We believe custom-built websites have a better-polished finish compared to templates. Custom-built websites allow for more design options, even with complicated designs, whereas templates can appear unoriginal. However, we have created impressive template websites as well. The decision ultimately depends on the budget, time constraints, and desired result. If you want a top-notch website, it's unlikely that you can achieve that for less than £3k.

The timeline for designing and launching a website depends on factors such as the preparedness of the content, whether it's a templated or custom-built site and the approval process. To err on the side of caution, we usually estimate a timeline of 8 weeks. However, we have completed the design, development, and launch of a website in as little as a week before.

The pricing for a WordPress site can vary greatly. A rough estimate would be between £2000-£5000, but the final cost is impacted by additional factors like features and integrations.

Choosing the right web design agency involves evaluating their portfolio for quality and diversity of work, checking client testimonials and reviews for satisfaction and service quality, understanding their design and development process, and ensuring they have a clear communication and project management approach. Look for an agency that aligns with your business values and goals.

A web design agency specialises in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites that align with a brand’s objectives and user needs. Services include website design and development, user experience (UX) design, responsive design for mobile devices, content creation, SEO optimisation, and ongoing website maintenance and support.

Before hiring a web design agency, consider their experience in your industry, their approach to user experience and design, their portfolio of past projects, their process for project management and communication, pricing and payment structures, and their ability to meet your deadlines and business needs. These are all things we excel at here at Mr Digital.

A new website design can significantly improve your business by enhancing your online presence, improving user experience, increasing engagement and conversion rates, and ultimately driving more sales. A well-designed website also reflects your brand identity more effectively and can improve your search engine rankings through better SEO practices.

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