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We are confident in our social media marketing strategies and guarantee results. If we don’t get you more brand awareness and higher engagement rates, we’ll work for FREE!

Proven Strategies

Proven Strategies

Explore our collection of tried-and-true digital marketing strategies, backed by data, to help your business thrive online.

Certified Experts

Certified Experts

Benefit from our certified professionals, equipped with the knowledge and skills to optimise your digital marketing efforts.

Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

Experience the difference with our guarantee of delivering impressive results, combining expertise, innovation, and tailored digital marketing strategies.

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Professional Social Media Agency

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, social media stands as a powerhouse for brand engagement and growth. Recognising its immense value, Mr Digital offers expert social media management services, tailored to catapult your brand to new heights. Our strategic approach to social media marketing ensures your brand harnesses the full potential of social platforms, driving significant results.

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Why Professional Social Media Marketing Services?

In today's digital landscape, your social media presence is not just a part of your marketing strategy; it's the heartbeat of your brand's online persona. At Mr Digital, we understand the pivotal role social media plays in connecting with your audience and shaping brand perception. Our comprehensive suite of social media management services is designed to elevate your online presence, turning casual browsers into loyal customers. From crafting strategic, engaging content to fostering vibrant community interactions and leveraging data-driven insights for continuous improvement, our approach is tailored to amplify your brand's voice and maximise your return on investment. Choosing Mr Digital means partnering with a team that's committed to your brand's success in the dynamic world of social media.

Our experts immerse themselves in your brand, aligning strategies with your core principles to communicate a consistent, trust-building message across platforms. We conduct thorough research to tailor our approach to your audience, ensuring content that resonates and drives higher engagement.

Content is king in social media and we craft every piece to strike a chord with your audience. Our designers create visually stunning graphics and images, while our copywriters pen captivating captions, ensuring a steady stream of high-quality, engaging content.

We respond promptly and thoughtfully to your audience, valuing their interactions and fostering a positive experience. Our team crafts personalised responses and strategies that resonate with your audience, transforming them into loyal brand advocates.

Our approach is rooted in understanding your audience through analytics. We refine our strategies based on performance metrics, adapting to trends and user behaviours to keep your social media presence relevant and impactful.

We fine-tune every aspect of your social media campaigns, from targeting to messaging and ad placement. Our continuous optimisation process is driven by data, ensuring your campaigns deliver measurable success and a strong return on investment.

Understanding Social Media Marketing

Think of Mr Digital’s social media service as your online billboard but smarter. Unlike a static ad on the highway, we interact with passersby, turning them into customers. If we don’t get you more attention and active customer interest, we work for free. We’re not just boosting ‘likes’; we’re boosting your bottom line. Many clients see a real return on their investment in just a few months.

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Our 5-stage process for effective social media campaigns:

1. Research & Plan

This is like scouting the best location for your billboard. We study the traffic—your competitors—to see what signs catch the most eyes. We also understand what your sign should say by digging into your past messages and targets. Then we sketch out at least five standout designs or ‘themes’ for your billboard.

2. Track & Measure

Imagine installing sensors near your billboard to track every car that slows down to look or take a picture. In the digital world, we use tracking tools to see how many people are interacting with your ‘billboard’, giving us the data we need to understand engagement rates.

3. Execute

Now, it’s time to actually build and install the billboard. Our team of experts creates all the assets—visuals, text, and other elements—needed to make your online presence as eye-catching as possible.

4. Optimise

This is the fine-tuning phase. We test different billboard messages, lighting, and even how we invite passersby to engage (our ‘CTAs’ or Call to Actions). We note what makes drivers slow down, look, and, eventually, turn into your driveway.

5. Scale

When we find the winning formula, we don’t just celebrate; we make it bigger. Imagine installing similar billboards on multiple highways to attract even more customers. In the social media context, this means doing more of what works to grow your following.

Why You Need a Social Media Agency

Understand the full potential of professional social media marketing services

Grow Your Brand Presence & Increase Engagement With Our Social Media Services!

Imagine a social media strategy that consistently gets your brand noticed and generates inbound sales from engaged audiences—all while staying within your current marketing budget. Are you tired of spending time on social media without seeing any growth in your followers or brand? Or are you frustrated with paying a social media agency that isn’t producing desired results? It’s time to consider our proven, revenue-focused strategies. Our social media strategies have achieved over 18.6 million impressions, managed 10,000+ followers, driven over 408,118 website visits and generated over 6,763 leads.

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Generate Better ROI with Proven Social Media Strategies

Access Our Proven Social Media Strategies.

If you’re tired of so-called ‘social media gurus’ delivering excuses and are ready to see real results from your social media efforts, it’s time to put our proven, revenue-focused social media strategies to work. Many of our clients have achieved return-on-investment in just a matter of months. We’re not talking impressions, followers and clicks… but real revenue!

Our Infinity-5 Framework

Our proven framework enables us to guarantee success with social media marketing.

infinity 5 framework
  • 1

    Research & Plan

    We start by researching your competitors to look for proven engagement strategies. Then we get to know your business, what’s worked for you before and what targets we need to achieve. Finally, we create a custom social media strategy with at least 5 themes.

  • 2

    Track & Measure

    We put tracking in place to ensure we can measure every step of the process so we can measure engagement rates across all the activities.

  • 3


    We tap into our social media experts to create all of the assets we need to deliver your strategy and grow your following.

  • 4


    We test what works; what content, what day of the week, what CTAs, etc… we learn what works for your brand.

  • 5


    Once we are achieving the desired results, we grow your social media following activity by doing more of the same.

Social Media Marketing Success Stories

Explore real examples of how we’ve empowered businesses to strengthen their digital footprint and effectively establish their social media presence. Read up about how we used Facebook and Instagram ads to help a client generate over 2,000+ leads. Our strategies, tactics, and results have positioned us as the preferred agency for revolutionising digital experiences and delivering tangible and measurable results.

mr digital project diamond property finance

Diamond Property Finance

Website updated within 3 weeks and under £3,000.

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Over 68% reduction in cost per lead in 1 month.

mr digital project cert property

CERT Property

1,400+ leads from social media ads with a 1.27% CTR.

Social Media Marketing Deliverables

Flexible hourly-rate pricing tailored for you, based on your requirements.

  • Social Media Competitive Analysis: We'll analyse your competitors' social media presence to identify opportunities for differentiation.
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy: We'll develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy aligned with your brand goals.
  • Social Media Audit + Recommendations: We'll assess the current state of your social media accounts and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.
  • Cover Photo & Profile Photo Design/Optimisation: We'll design or optimise your social media cover and profile photos to align with your brand identity.
  • Number of Feed Posts per Month: We'll produce a set number of feed posts each month to engage your audience.
  • Number of Story Posts per Month: We'll create a set number of story posts monthly to keep your audience updated and engaged.
  • Number of Custom Images per Month Included with Posts: We'll design custom images to accompany your social media posts.
  • Number of Custom Contests Included per Year: We'll run a specified number of contests each year to boost engagement and brand awareness.
  • Dedicated Social Media Account Manager: You'll have a dedicated account manager to oversee your social media campaign.
  • Community Management: We'll monitor and manage online interactions with your community.
  • 48 Business Hours or Less Customer Response Time: We'll respond to customer inquiries and comments within 48 business hours or less.
  • Standard Monthly Reporting and Analysis: We'll provide monthly reports that analyse the performance and ROI of your social media efforts.
  • Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis: We'll analyse mentions and sentiment around your brand on social media.
  • Fortnightly Client Success Meeting (optional): We offer optional bi-weekly meetings to discuss the success and future direction of your campaign.
  • Weekly Call or Campaign Status Update (optional): You have the option for a weekly update call to keep you informed on campaign status.
  • Boosted Post Ad Spend Included: The budget for boosting posts is included in our services.
  • Number of Boosted Posts (if budget is allocated): We'll specify the number of posts to be boosted, contingent on budget allocation.
  • Access to Custom Google Data Studio Dashboard: You'll have access to a real-time custom dashboard for monitoring campaign metrics.
  • Up to 1 personal social media consultation per month: You're entitled to up to one personalised consultation each month for deeper insights.
  • Access to our Performance Tracker Strategy: We'll provide a tool to track KPIs and measure campaign performance over time.
  • Access to Content Studio editorial calendar & content publishing tools: You'll have access to advanced content planning and publishing tools.
  • Access to Viral Sweep social media contest tools: You'll have access to specialised tools for running viral social media contests.

Marketing Service Plans

We offer flexible retainers tailored for you, based on your requirements. Our plans offer different levels of service to meet your specific needs.


From £500

Per month + VAT


From £1250

Per month + VAT


From £3000

Per month + VAT


From £6000

Per month + VAT

Research & Planning
Return On Investment Targets
Custom Strategy
Copywriting + Creative Design
Campaign Setup, Management & Optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Lead Tracking & CRM Access
Bespoke Reporting Dashboard
Guaranteed Results
Ad Budget Management
Up to £2000
Onboarding Timeframe
14 Days
14 Days
7 - 10 Days
7 - 10 Days
Turnaround Times
7 days
5-7 days
3-5 days
1-3 days
Account Management
Project Manager
Project Manager
Project Director
Project Director
Client Success Meetings
Included Hours
6 months
6 months
12 Months
12 Months
Hourly Rate
Saving on our Hourly Rate
16.67% cheaper
20.63% cheaper
27.27% cheaper
33.33% cheaper
How does this compare to the average UK hourly rate for agencies?
27.33% cheaper
30.79% cheaper
36.58% cheaper
41.86% cheaper


From £500
Per month + VAT


From £1250
Per month + VAT


From £3000
Per month + VAT


From £6000
Per month + VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

The effectiveness of using social media as a marketing channel depends on your business, industry, and target audience. If your target audience is active on a particular social media platform, it can be a great marketing tool if utilised properly.

Our social media team is proficient in Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, although we can work with other social media platforms as well, which keeps changing over time. We promise great outcomes for any social media channel you require.

Our social media marketing agency offers a range of services to clients, from providing social media strategy advice to handling all social media channels for large businesses. We can create and develop social media strategies, publish and share social media posts, manage communities, and provide reports. Our agency is highly adaptable and can cater to various needs.

We collaborate with various brands across different sectors, ranging from international products and software solutions to regional service-oriented businesses. You can browse through our case studies or get in touch with us to gain insights into our expertise.

When it comes to social media marketing, we want to be honest about what can be achieved. Generally, the main goal is to increase brand recognition and establish credibility and trust. Without using social media advertising or having a substantial number of followers, it may be difficult to generate leads or sales. However, we can assist you in gaining a following and converting it into a profitable channel once you have a loyal fan base, just like we've done for other clients.

Social media advertising is crucial for reaching a broader, targeted audience more efficiently than traditional media. It allows for precise targeting based on demographics, interests, and behaviour, ensuring your message reaches the most relevant audience. Additionally, it provides measurable results, instant feedback, and the flexibility to adjust campaigns in real time for optimal performance.

Mr Digital stands apart due to our personalised approach, which combines creativity with data-driven strategies to maximise engagement and ROI. Our agency focuses on building authentic relationships between brands and their audience, leveraging unique content and cutting-edge analytics to tailor campaigns that resonate with the target demographic. Our commitment to innovation and customer service ensures our clients not only meet but exceed their marketing objectives.

A social media marketing agency enhances your online presence on social media platforms. Services include strategy planning, content creation, ad campaign management, community engagement, and analytics. The goal is to increase brand awareness, improve engagement with your audience, and drive traffic and conversions through targeted social media campaigns.

Social media advertising includes campaign strategy development, target audience identification, ad creation (including text, images, and video), placement across platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn), monitoring and optimisation of ad performance, and detailed reporting and analysis to measure ROI.

Social media advertising can benefit businesses of all sizes and industries by providing a cost-effective way to reach a large and engaged audience. It's particularly suitable if your target customers use social media and you wish to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or drive sales. The key is to tailor your approach to fit your business goals and the preferences of your target audience.

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