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Content Creation

Your website may have a great volume of content, but does the content comply with the quality guidelines. If not, then the poorly optimised content might be the biggest stumbling block for your website’s first-page aspirations. A well fleshed out content is one of, if not the most important factor in improving your website’s Google rankings. While there is no single definition of ‘quality content’, from a search engine’s standpoint, you can create high-quality content by adhering to a set of rules. The real question is whether your content is developed and promoted by people with a solid grasp of what they are doing.

Well, for starters, in addition to meeting quality guidelines, your content should offer great value to the readers. Therefore, you need to always make sure that content creation duties should be entrusted to a person who not only understand how language functions but foresee its implications on the website’s ranking in the long run.  Content writers at Mr. Digital draw on their experience and grasp of stylistic and technical rules to develop content that will give a unique voice to your brand.

Market Research
Graphic Design
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The Process


Research The Topics

We start by researching thee topics we are creating content to gain the knowledge we need to deliver quality content.


Write The Copy

Next, we start to draft the copy.


Design The Content

Once the copy is written, we start to design the content in-keeping with your brand.



Then, before we send any content across, we have our head of content review and proofread everything.



Finally, we get finish off from you before we start using your content in your digital marketing campaigns.


Our Projects



We create a whole range of content; from blog posts and industry whitepapers to case studies and infographics. Even simple things like social media posts are classes as "content creation" as we take our time to really consider the message, the graphics and desired outcome of the content.

There is not a single piece of content that is more effective than another; infographics work great, but then so do well-written blogs, whitepapers and, of course, case studies. Everything has its place. The content of the piece is far more important to focus on creating a unique, well-research, value-packed piece of content rather than a specific type of content.

We always conduct industry and competitor research before creating any content. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when there is so much great content out there. We will often use the "Skyscraper method" whereby we find the best piece of relevant content and then make it better, more relevant and more up to date. This is a very effective approach to content creation.

We don't use a specific piece of software to create all content. We do use a range of software and tools depending on what type of content we are creating. We work with tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Promo and Canva.

Our clients own the right to any content we create on their behalf, providing it has been created specifically for them.

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