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Google Ads can be a powerful means of growing your business. However, not every business has the resources or practical knowledge to get the best out of Google Ads. If you have ever invested your time and money in Google Ads, you must have known the obstacles to actually generating profit on the advertising platform. Not too long into the ads campaign, you realise that you’re funnelling your hard-earned money into an advertising campaign that will turn out to be a total dud. You can avoid all of this by simply hiring an expert Google Ads agency with a proven track record of helping businesses generate huge profit from paid advertising campaigns.  

As a leading Google Ads agency, we have a team of certified professionals that have partnered with all types of clients, across a range of industries. Having performed many Google Ads campaigns for businesses of all sizes, we have learned to identify what works and what doesn’t work in Google advertising. Whether you need shopping ads, display ads or pay per click search ads, our digital experts will study your business goals before determining the right campaign objectives. We start off by setting up your account effectively and then proceed to identify relevant keywords, write creative ad copy and design engaging ads.

Market Research
Competitor Research
Strategy Development
Campaign Launch

The Process


Conduct business research

We get things started by developing a better understanding of your business and its goals. We’ll then try to understand the different ways in which your brand can offer value to customers.


Building a Google Ads strategy

Spotting the content gaps and other rooms for improvement, we develop a custom made strategy that will try to attain your unique business goals.


Target relevant customers

Additionally, we use detailed demographic targeting to make sure that your campaigns only target consumers who will be interested in your brand.


Set up the perfect Google Ads campaign

After identifying the campaign objective and the type of ad, we will develop engaging ad copies and conversion-optimised landing page that will connect with your target audience.


Our Projects



Certified Google ads experts at our agency have a long track record of managing various types of ads campaigns that delivered considerable business growth and revenue.

The marketers at a Google ads agency will first learn about your business before proceeding to identify the right campaign objective and the type of ad you may need. They create a tailor-made campaign to attain your specific business goals.

Unlike most ads agency, a certified ads agency is equipped with passionate marketers who are specialised in different key disciplines. Certified Google ads experts at Mr. Digital have specialised knowledge and experience of areas such as Pay Per Click, Shopping ads and Dynamic ads.

Yes, advertising on Google gives you access to millions of users. However, the effectiveness of your advertising is determined by various factors such as campaign objective, quality score and campaign budget.

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